How I use astrology for business

I was talking to a very wise and no B.S. business friend last week and she said to me:

“Sophia, I love all this stuff you’re doing with astrology. I love how passionate you are about it and how it lights you up…

“But what the actual f#%k does astrology have to do with my business?”

It was the truth bomb I needed to hear.

Because what you really want to know is how you can use astrology to make more money, change more lives and grow your reach.

So, let me get to the crux of why I believe astrology is the missing link in your business AND your sales copy:

✨ Once you know yourself and what makes you tick at a SOUL level, you can create messaging and offers that are more aligned, profitable, AND change more lives.

✨ Once you know how you communicate BEST, you can use platforms and stories that highlight your unique skills far more effectively.

✨ Once you know what challenges you might need to overcome, you can put steps in place to address these, so they don’t derail you on your business journey.

What specific parts of astrology help you with this? 

Harnessing the phases of the moon

The moon is one of the most important planets/objects in Western astrology, second only to the sun.

That’s because it’s the closest ‘planetary’ object to Earth and therefore has the greatest impact on us.

I never used to pay much attention to what the moon was doing, but this year, I’ve started to take a lot more notice.

I’ve found it incredibly useful for helping me manage my time and energy, and for helping me to accept when I can be really productive and visible, and when I need more rest and introspection.

By following the phases of the moon, just like many keen gardeners, surfers, and fishing experts do, you can notice the cyclical changes over the month and plan accordingly.

Here are some tips for harnessing the moon’s phases:

  • When the moon is new (or you can’t see it in the sky at all), this is generally the best time for starting or planning new things. This is because the energy of the project is likely to build over the month. It’s the same reason gardeners plant seeds on a new moon, to harness the ‘building’ phase.
  • While it’s a good time to plan new projects and start to get things underway, your energy tends to be lower at the beginning of the moon’s cycle, so it’s not a great time to be mid-launch or to schedule business activities that require a LOT of stamina or enthusiasm.
  • However, when the moon starts to fill and ‘bloom’ in the sky, we can start to feel more confident and energised when it comes to being visible in our business, compared with other times of the month.
  • I generally encourage my clients who are doing live launches to close their cart at or around the full moon, to make the most of this strong and constructive completion energy.
  • After the full moon, we move into a releasing or ‘disseminating’ phase where the energy and momentum start to fall away until we get back to the new moon. This is a good time to tie up loose ends, get your paperwork or bookkeeping sorted, and get ready for the next cycle.

Mercury retrograde isn’t always a bad thing but it’s better to be prepared…

Mercury is a fantastic planet to get to know, particularly if your job involves communication and sales (which is EVERYONE in online business!)

In astrology, Mercury is associated with how we think, speak and communicate, as well as our wider systems of communication like the internet, television/radio and postal services.

It’s connected to the signs of Gemini and Virgo, but everyone has Mercury somewhere in their chart (it’s usually close to your Sun sign and it’s something I’ll pay particular attention to if you have an Astro-copy session with me).

You’re probably familiar with the idea that communication tends to go awry when Mercury goes retrograde, which is when – from our perspective on Earth – Mercury looks like it’s moving backward.

This generally happens 3 times a year for about 2–3 weeks at a time.

You can look back at data or news reports from periods of time when Mercury was in retrograde and you’re likely to find evidence of significant communication dramas.

Take the lead up to this year’s US election for instance… (I’m not going to go there right now, but you can look into this further if you’re interested. 😉)

This means you need to be extra careful with how you communicate during this time.

Triple check any contracts you need to sign, watch your language in emails and social posts, and look after (and check) your technology and integrations.

This year, I discovered I was born during a Mercury retrograde (about 25% of people are), which means I should generally be less affected by the mayhem traditionally associated with this time.

(I actually ran a launch during Mercury retrograde and I didn’t have any tech glitches or communication dramas. 🙌)

However, if you weren’t born during a Mercury retrograde, this is something I’d encourage you to look out for (and avoid) if you’re running any significant launches.

Importantly, it’s not a complete disaster

As long as you’re aware of it, you can put things in place to triple-check your processes and manage any potential miscommunication fallout.

Know your ‘Rising Sign’ and express it!

Your rising sign (also known as the Ascendant) is how others see you. This means it’s something you can amplify in your business for more alignment AND opportunities.

N.B. **In order to know your rising sign, you have to know the exact time you were born (within about half an hour) because it’s the constellation that was rising over the horizon at that specific time of day.

I had a copywriting client recently who’s always felt at odds with her ‘star sign’ of Pisces. When I told her she actually had a Leo ‘rising’, it ALL made sense…

She loves to wear bright, bold colours, and everyone notices when she walks into the room. She has the presence of a Leo (the boldest, most expressive sign of the Zodiac) but always felt this was at odds with who she ‘should’ be.

Now she feels more confident to channel this energy into her business, including her copy and branding, and things are starting to FLOW.

Understand where the ‘personal planets’ are in your birth chart

Knowing where the ‘personal planets’ – the Moon, Mars, Venus and Mercury – were when you were born is a starting point for weaving your astrological story together:

  • The placement of the moon at the time you were born can show how you express yourself emotionally. It’s how the people closest to you see you, and it can indicate some unconscious patterns or habits in your life and business.
  • The placement of Mars in your chart can help you understand how you take action. This can be action in your business as well as how you best exercise or expend energy.
  • The placement of Venus is related to what you LIKE. What appeals to you in business (and other) relationships and environments.
  • The placement of Mercury can help you understand how you like to communicate and how your communication comes across to others.

Look at how the positions of the planets interact with each other (‘aspects’)

This is where the rubber hits the road…

Once you get a feel for how the planets are ‘in relationship’ to one another in your chart AND in the sky right now, you can start to understand the challenges and opportunities you may be faced with, and work proactively with that energy.

This is what’s so exciting to me about using astrology for business (and life).

It’s not about predicting the future or knowing everything that’s going to happen.

It’s about getting a stronger gauge on how your own energy interacts with the energy of the cosmos.

Because the real gold in knowing more about your astrological profile is being able to put the energy to work FOR you instead of against you.

Being able to get into FLOW with the rhythms of your life instead of fighting back against your natural tendencies and the energy of the time.

Just between you and me,  I suspect 2021 is going to be another doozy of a year… So whatever tools you can use to keep focused and in flow, the easier it will be for you to move through the year with grace.

If this is something you’re interested in exploring with me 1:1, check out a new offer I have starting in January.

It blends the magic of astrology with the practicality of sales copy and launch strategy, and it could be an amazing planning tool for you in 2021.

You can also find out your Cosmic Communication Style right here. 👇👇👇

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