The sneaky online tools I use to make life and business better

One of my kids’ favourite books is Wocket in My Pocket by Dr Seuss. It’s about a boy and all the wonderful and weird creatures living in his house.

…like the Zamp on the lamp, and the Findow on the window, and that Noothgrush on his toothbrush…

It got me thinking about all the wonderful creatures in my business – the ones that aren’t human – and how much easier they make things for me.

Because running an online (and offline) professional copywriting business is a LOT more complicated than I thought it would be…

There are bookings to be made, and emails that need to go out at certain times, and invoices and payments and passwords (oh, the passwords! 😱😱).

So, how do I keep it all together?

Here are six online business tools I love to use because they make things run more smoothly and easily.

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1. Zoom for my client and team calls

This video conferencing tool is my go-to solution for ALL client and team calls.

The truth is, I rarely get on the *actual* phone anymore because I love seeing people’s faces on video and I think it’s a way more engaging and personal way to do business.

Also, I can share my screen when I’m presenting copy and show people exactly what I’m talking about, so there’s less chance for confusion = happy clients.

2. Book Like a Boss for all bookings

This nifty little app is how I take all my bookings, from discovery calls through to paid appointments.

I love it because it looks good, it’s simple to use, and it syncs with my Google calendar and Zoom to create beautifully coordinated appointments with reminders and all that jazz.

It’s especially handy when I’m working across timezones as it automatically detects where you are and converts the time for you, so there’s less chance for time miscalculations.

In fact, I love it so much, I became an affiliate (this means I get a small commission if you subscribe using this link).

3. Google Docs for creating and collaborating

OK, I’m a total convert to working in Google Docs.

I often joke that Google owns my life (which is probably true…)

After years of struggling with sending Word documents, trying to get client revisions in ‘tracked changes’ and saving multiple versions, moving to Google Docs where it’s SO EASY to collaborate has been a game-changer.

I talk about it a bit more in this Facebook video.

4. QuickBooks Online to keep track of my cash flow

Let’s talk money for a moment, shall we? Having a powerful system to track my incomings and outgoings means I run a stronger business.

Using QuickBooks Online, I have full visibility over where the money is coming from and going to, right there on the dashboard. It makes invoicing quick and simple, and it tracks that wonderful thing we have in Australia called GST (which I have to distribute to the government every three months)…

Now I can barely even remember what life was like when I tracked my billings in an Excel spreadsheet!

5. Brain.FM for when I need a brain boost

I used to like to work in silence. Then I had kids. If you’ve ever tried working from home when your kids are running around the house playing (i.e. screaming at each other to “give that back!”), you need this tool.

Basically, it plays awesome brain-stimulating music to help you focus. I use it when I’m on deadline or when I just need an extra push to get my brain working – even when the kids aren’t here.

6. LastPass to keep me safe and sane

I’ve saved the most important one for last!

Keeping track of the multitude of passwords you need to run an online business is one of those tasks that can become completely overwhelming. That’s why I use a password manager.

LastPass is an online password manager (app and Chrome extension) that allows me to create strong passwords for all my software subscriptions, social media and membership logins, which are saved in an encrypted ‘vault’.

I can share these encrypted passwords with people in my team (like my Online Business Manager) so I never have to keep a list of easy-to-hack passwords on my desktop again!

Game changed.

Over to you – what tools do you use in your business?

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