How to be a launch unicorn in online business

If you’ve been here for a while, you might’ve heard me talk about online business launches.

If you’re over it, fair enough.

Probably best to stop reading now.

>> Hang on!

Before you click away, I want to check in with you about how you’d describe an online launch, so I know we’re on the same page:

1. You need to spend loads of money on Facebook ads to make one work.

2. It’s awesome for building an audience and making $$$ quickly.

3. It’s way too complicated and salesy and I don’t want a bar of it.

The truth is, an online launch is often NONE of those things.

I’ve just done the numbers and worked out that I’ve been involved in more than 25 online launches in the past year.

There have been course launches, product launches, new/revamped business launches, book launches, event launches and membership launches.

‘Cause if you’ve got something to sell online (be it services, products or programs), you’ve gotta let people know.

That’s what a ‘launch’ is.

Most online launches have a bit of a formula to them, but EVERY launch is different

Some involve expensive Facebook ad campaigns, but many of them don’t. Some have complicated, segmented funnels, but many of them don’t. And some of them have huge momentum and sell out in a minute, while others fizzle out like a wet candle.

In all cases, once you decide to put your ‘baby’ out into the world, you lose a certain amount of control over the outcome.

In fact, the best launches happen when you’re prepared to go full Frozen and “let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore…“.

Take my client, Georgia, for instance:

[Here we are having a glass of bubbles after she finished onboarding more than 1,300 people into her first-ever online membership – The Well Nourished Family. 👇👇]

Sophia and Georgia celebrate a great launch

Georgia is a naturopath and amazing cook, who has been serving her audience delicious recipes and health tips for 6+ years. More than 50,000 mums follow her on Facebook and a fair chunk of them get her emails too.

Up until last week, she’d sold some ebooks containing her incredibly tasty and nourishing recipes, but she’d never really ‘launched’ anything before.

In fact, the idea of selling really disturbed her because she believed it took away from her service.

She spent years (and a lot of $$$) developing an amazing addition to her website that would allow time-strapped, health-conscious mums to download and customise meal plans, shopping lists and event planners that would make mealtimes run like magic.

Then she froze.

Georgia thought about just adding the functionality to the website (without a launch) and seeing what happened. She thought about apologising to her audience for changing things. She even thought about giving it all away for free.

And then she realised that by not launching her amazing new service – and charging for it – she was doing her audience a disservice.

She’d recognised their need, created something to help them, and she was almost going to HIDE IT AWAY 😱😱

So we worked together to create the softest launch ever

No Facebook ads, no webinar, no challenge or pre-launch videos. Just a sequence of eight emails and a sales page.

To her existing email list (about 25,000).

The cart was open for seven days and in that time, more than 1,300 people signed up.

That’s a conversion rate of more than 5% (which is almost UNHEARD OF).

Basically, she’s a complete launch unicorn. 🦄

But here’s where I think there were a few strategic sprinkles of fairy dust:

👍 An amazing audience that was nurtured and supported for six years (who absolutely ADORE Georgia and her work)

👍 An offer that was PERFECT FOR THEM at an irresistible price point

👍 Having a launch (and onboarding) game plan with a small team of people to help implement it

👍 Building up anticipation during the pre-launch, always hinting there was something BIG on its way…

👍 Continuing communication on socials throughout the launch while also helping new members get settled in

👍 Feeling OK with selling (after finally recognising the immense value of the offer)

👍 Closing the cart when she said she would and holding firm

👍 Not being attached to the outcome or banking on it being a 6-figure pay week

Georgia’s success did not come down to the copywriting (although I’d love to take the credit 😉🙌).

Her success came down to doing what felt right for her and her audience

She knew an all-the-bells-and-whistles launch wasn’t for her and it would be a huge turn-off to her most-loyal fans.

So, she leant into her expertise and her unique offering with as much love and grace as she could.

Then she got the right support to make it easy (or at least a whole lot easier than going it alone).

And she let it let go.

Because to really see what’s possible, you have to let your ‘baby’ take on a life of its own.

And, just like actual babies, the result may be even more spectacular than you could’ve imagined.

Want to chat with me about what’s possible?

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