6 sales page mistakes you’ll want to avoid

I really didn’t want to tell her when I saw it…

It was like watching someone trip over in slow motion.

You know that awful feeling when you can see someone is about to go ‘A over T’…?

Do you hold out a hand to try to stop them, or do you just let them go and help them up afterwards?

The problem is, fixing a sales page mid-launch is a hell of a lot more complicated than diving in front of someone to stop a fall.

It’s also a heck of a lot harder than having the sales page ship-shape before you open cart…

So, in the interest of protecting you from a sales page fall, here are a few (sorta) gentle reminders.

Improve your sales page and avoid these common mistakes:

1. Make sure you know your customer *REALLY WELL* before you start, so you can call out what they truly want (and want to avoid) in the headline at the top of your page.

2. Don’t make an offer before you’ve established why your ideal client needs your thing. Build up some tension; make them want it!

3. Please, for the love of all that is holy, make your copy stand out on the page. Don’t use tiny fonts all squished up together and sentences that run on for lines and lines and lines…

4. Use loads of testimonials and stories to show your ideal customer people like them having success.

5. Be confident with your pricing. Don’t hide it or say something like ‘click here to learn more’. Just come right out and say it. Believe it. Back yourself. People will thank you for it by clicking that buy button.

6. Make sure everything works! There’s nothing worse than making the decision to click ‘buy’ only to have the browser time out or give you an error message before you can enter your credit card details

Have you noticed any sales page fails lately?

Maybe you’ve been guilty of a few yourself (*hand up over here*)…

How about you look at your next sales page with fresh eyes?

(I’ve even got a nifty sales page template to help you 😜)

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