I’m hiring! Calling all epic Virtual Assistants

VA Job Ad: I‘m looking for a tech-savvy, proactive Virtual Assistant who is experienced in online business to join my team because I have BIG plans and need another go-getter to help me do great things!

About the Business

I’m a copywriter and intuitive launch coach who helps entrepreneurs connect with their soul gifts and innate communication style to create magical, magnetic offers.

With 15+ years helping big brands and entrepreneurs with content writing and sales copy, I also bring a secret weapon to the table… tapping into the ancient wisdom of astrology to create more powerful, aligned messaging and launch timing for my amazing clients.

My business provides clients with practical magic to allow their online businesses to flourish in a more soul-aligned way. 

Joining my team means you’ll be working with a grounded, down-to-earth and calm leader who doesn’t like to work on the fly but loves her clients and all things business (and astrology). 

I’m looking for someone to be involved in all the things, and be on the full business journey with me.

In exchange for your awesomeness, I’ll support the flexibility you need and happily work with your life commitments (family, life, time zones) as long as you’re reliable, consistent and a great communicator.

If this sounds like you… Keep reading for more info and how to apply. 🔽 🔽

About this exciting role

In this role, you’ll be acting as my right (or left-hand) person – I’m left-handed 😉.

I’m looking for someone I can bounce ideas around with, agree the path forward, and then essentially leave you to implement and sort out all the details while I focus on client delivery, training programs, and marketing activities.

Your role will be broad and will evolve as you settle in and become an essential part of the furniture. 

Initially, you’ll be involved in:

  • Creating a suite of templates in Canva that can be used across all social media channels. 
  • Taking responsibility for a consistent social media schedule – I’ll write the content and then you’ll choose an image, schedule it, add hashtags and make sure it’s professional and inspirational.
  • Repurposing content – doing things like creating draft blog posts from videos and editing videos for YouTube, so that any content I create goes as far as possible.
  • Taking responsibility for Email Automations and Email Campaigns – you’ll be uploading the content into ActiveCampaign as well as setting up new automations as needed.
  • Organising and uploading teaching videos and worksheets to my training portal (Podia).
  • Taking responsibility for Client Onboarding & Project Set-up.
  • General administration support – everything and anything that you can do to take admin off my hands falls into this bucket. 
  • Supporting my client delivery through inbox management and some client liaison, as directed.

More about YOU

I’m looking for someone who loves to learn, is proactive, organised, and takes the lead in taking as much admin off my hands as possible.

You’re the sort of person who gets excited about checking every box is ticked, checking your own work and making sure everything looks oh-so-perfect.  

Your ridiculously high attention to detail and ability to prioritise and plan means you meet all your deadlines while also working with enough space to be flexible enough to support me when the deadlines change (which happens!)

Specifically, you’ll have:

  • A strong knowledge of social media, IG, FB, Pinterest, YouTube
  • A strong proficiency in Canva, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, ActiveCampaign, Xero, Google Workspace including Google Drive, Asana and Slack 
  • Experience with Podia (or similar), HelloSign (or similar), Book Like A Boss (BLAB) or similar, and be the sort of person who quickly gets up to speed to learn a new system you haven’t worked in before
  • A great eye for graphic design and basic video editing skills and be passionate about social media trends and learning all the new fancy things (hello Reels!)
  • Impeccable English language skills which means you can confidently liaise with my clients on my behalf
  • Great communication skills and be reliable, consistent, loyal and naturally transparent 

In exchange for your loyalty, commitment and amazingness, I’ll quickly become your favourite client as I’ll always do what I say I’ll do, plus I’ll support you in your business and life and offer you the flexibility you need to thrive.

Next Steps

If you’ve read to this point and you feel excited… Woo hoo! 

Please follow these specific instructions to apply for this job:

  1. Go check out my Instagram @sophiapallas and website https://sophiapallas.com and get a feel for my personality and my business offering.
  1. Apply by sending an email to hello[at]sophiapallas.com with “Applying to be your VA” in the subject heading and include your answers to the following questions in the body of the email with your CV attached.
  • Briefly tell me about your online business experience. How long have you been an VA, what sort of businesses have you worked with, and how have you made a difference to the owner’s life?
  • Please list the software programs/systems you’ve had experience with before (in particular, your experience with each of the ones I’ve listed above).
  • Tell me what parts of your previous online business VA roles you’ve loved the most.
  • Tell me what part of my services stood out to you the most?
  • Why do you think you’re the right fit to be my left-hand person?
  • What do you currently charge for your services and how do you structure your packages?
  • What is your timezone and what is your availability (days/hours)? {Please note I need someone who can work at least 5 hours per week for me}
  • Given your current clients/workload, how will you fit me in to make me feel like a priority?
  • Anything else you’d like me to know about you?

Thank you so much for your interest! 

I’m grateful you’ve read this far and taken the time to apply. Please be assured that every application will be acknowledged and answered.

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I’m a copywriter, speaker, and intuitive launch coach who helps online entrepreneurs connect deeply with their soul purpose and innate communication style to create magic in their business.

With 15 years of experience helping big brands with PR, marketing and sales copy, I also have a secret weapon...

I tap into the ancient wisdom of astrology to create more powerful, aligned messaging that feels completely in tune with YOU.



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