How to write a sales page without sleaze

So you’ve got an awesome online product or program.

You’ve spent hours perfecting the slides, worksheets and templates so people will have a truly life-changing experience.

But when it comes time to write your sales page, you’re stumped.

It feels too hard to condense the awesomeness into one page.

You don’t want to sound pushy, salesy or (heaven-forbid) sleazy.

And, you don’t know where to start.

Take the ‘ick’ out of sales with this simple process

Here’s a 5-step sales page process I’ve used for dozens of my 1:1 clients to connect with their audience, show value and remove barriers to conversion.

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1. Uncover your ideal customer’s biggest problem, pain point or need

Before you open that Google Doc to start typing, picture your ideal customer in your mind…

What’s going on for them right now? What are their biggest pain points you know you can help them with?

Start mining for inspiration by surveying past customers. Or, look at comments on Facebook and Instagram, or in online forums where people are talking about things similar to what you’re offering.

Your main goal is to find out what your customer is thinking and feeling when they land on your page.

2. Map out your copywriting formula on the page

There are loads of ways to write sales copy, but one of my favourite and most effective copy formulas is PAS – Problem, Agitation, Solution.

With this formula, you speak to your customer’s main problem or pain point first, then agitate it by describing, in detail, what’s going on for them (drawing directly from your customer research). This is where you really empathise with what they’re going through.

The more specific details you can add to the agitation section, the stronger it will be because your customers will feel like you deeply understand their pain.

Once you’ve set up the issues they’re facing, it’s time to uncover a potential solution they may not have thought of yet (which is what you offer) and introduce your product/program.

This is where you dive into the features and benefits of your program and get into the nitty-gritty of how it works.

3. Explain why you’re the expert, and why they should trust you

Once you’ve detailed your offer, it’s time to talk about yourself and your expertise.

You need to clearly explain why you’re the best person to help your customer overcome their specific pain point/problem.

Please don’t just list your qualifications or write it like a CV. Instead, tell them your story. Tell them how you came to be where you are now and WHY you want to help them.

Then, give them strong social proof – great customer testimonials (with full names and photos where possible), badges and media logos – to back up your story and build trust.

4. Answer their questions. Even the ones they haven’t thought of yet.

When people are handing over their cash, they generally have a few questions.

But more than that – they want you to help justify their purchase decision. They want to feel GOOD about buying from you.

To address this, include a frequently asked questions (FAQs) section on your sales page to help your customers overcome any potential objections.

For example, it’s a good idea to explain:

  1. why you’re actually saving them money
  2. how much time they need to commit
  3. how much support they’ll get
  4. what equipment they’ll need
  5. what happens when they click the ‘buy’ button

Remember, this is about reassuring your buyer that they’re making a great decision to work with you and that you’re going to do everything you can to make it an awesome experience.

5. Give them an out. Yes, you read that right!

It may seem counterintuitive, but research shows that clear refund policies lead to more sales.

This is because a money-back guarantee helps your customers feel more comfortable about their decision to buy.

And, if your product or program is great (as I’m sure it is!), very few people will ask for their money back.

So, make it an easy YES by including a refund policy or satisfaction guarantee on your sales page.


For bonus tips and a sales page checklist, download my 5-step process here:

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