Sophia Arthur is a sales page copywriter and coach for wellness businesses

Ready to take the stress and ‘icky-ness’ out of selling?

Launch with confidence using sales copy that feels good and truly

serves your clients


You’re a wellness entrepreneur or change-maker on a mission to help as many people

as you can...


Your work is having a HUGE impact, but you’re completely stuck when it comes to selling. 

In fact, sometimes it feels downright dirty to ask people to pay for something you love so much.


You might’ve been running online programs for years, but you’ve never felt fully prepared, or clear on how to launch to get the best result.

You struggle to ask for the sale in your emails because you don’t want to feel ‘too salesy’ for your tribe (and you can’t stand those formulaic emails *everyone* sends during launch time...).

You’ve tried putting a sales page together, but you’ve got no idea how to connect with your ideal client in a way that feels TRUE to you.

The universe has sent you here for a reason.

Because you’re ready to step up to the next level.

In order to serve more people, you know you need to sell with confidence and ease.

And I’m here to help you

do it


And I’m here to help you

do it

Georgia Harding Well Nourished

"I worked with Sophia when I was getting ready to unveil my membership and I felt extremely uncomfortable about 'launching'. Even though I'd been blogging and selling ebooks for more than six years, I'd never had a strong strategy around sales. It was all a bit fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants style because I didn’t want people to feel like they were being ‘sold to’. Working with Sophia gave me the clarity and confidence to put my membership offer out there gently, in a way that felt really aligned with who I am. The sales page and emails didn't feel 'salesy' at all but we still had more than 1,300 members sign up – an incredible result."

Georgia Harding, Well Nourished

What if instead of avoiding selling, you started seeing it as an

act of service?


Where what you write (and say) coaches people towards their transformation with you

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Hi there, I'm Sophia Arthur

I’m Sophia.

I’m a copywriter, speaker and launch coach who helps entrepreneurs like you make more money online and FEEL GOOD doing it.

I’ll help you craft sales pages and emails that show your true superpowers to transform lives, and encourage more people to say “hell yes!”.

You’ll stop thinking about sales as something to be avoided, and start loving what it can achieve for you and your clients.

"Sophia created my sales page and absolutely nailed it – my conversions were higher than any other open cart period with her copy. She absolutely took the stress (and any ‘icky-ness’) out of open cart and spoke directly to *my* people. Because of her, I’ve welcomed so many of my soulmate clients into my program."

Amy Cox, Playful Families

Amy Cox Playful Families

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