Sophia Arthur talks about sales funnel copywriting in a way that doesn’t have you running for the hills

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It’s time to talk about sales copy and launches in a soulful way


When you work with me, you’ll get super clear and aligned with what your clients truly want – and show them why you’re the best person to help them get there.

I’ll help you tap into your soul gifts and intuition to create meaningful connections for lifelong fans and loads more $$$.

Intuitive copywriting
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You’ll have...

  • More confidence.
  • More peace of mind.
  • And products or programs that sell faster than green juice at a detox retreat.

You’ll start feeling excited about selling the work you do because you’ll have soul-centred copy that shows people what incredible transformations are possible.

"I've just finished writing some sales emails and I cannot believe how differently I feel about them, how I'm approaching them, that I'm even writing them BEFORE the actual send time!!! All because of what I've learnt from you."

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, Author

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz
Sophia Arthur is a wellness copywriter and launch coach

We’re a good fit to

work together if...

  • You’ve got an incredible product, service, or online program
  • You’ve got an established online business (this isn’t your first foray into the online world)
  • You’re ready to step up to the next level and make a significant investment in your copy and launch strategy
  • You're open to exploring how astrology can help you create stronger messaging and a more aligned business!

Is this you?



Here’s how we can do this

Sophia Pallas intuitive launch coach

Cosmic coaching to bring more magic into your messaging and offers

These coaching sessions are designed to help you understand your soul gifts and optimise your message – using astrology as an exploratory tool.

We'll look at your key communication and 'calling' signatures, as shown by the position of the planets at the time of your birth. We'll also investigate the changes you can make for more powerful offers and launches.

All sessions are run via Zoom and recorded, so you can watch them again if you miss something!


Copywriting day rate

Done-WITH-you launch copy that gets the job done FAST

If you’re ready to launch, like yesterday, but want a copy booster shot to help you feel more connected and confident in your message, this is for you.

In my half-day and full-day services, I’ll unpack exactly what copy blocks might be holding you back from a successful launch.

Then I’ll get you sorted with a clear plan and energised, true-to-you sales copy that you can implement straight away.

HALF DAY $1,500

FULL DAY $2,200

Done for you copywriting projects

Done-FOR-you launch copy with loads of strategic (and astrological) support

Launching online is a big investment. Let me show you how to get a strong return.

I’ll review the key signatures in your birth chart and do detailed research on what you AND your ideal customers truly want, so we can align your offer and move the right people towards working with you.

I’ll be mapping your launch plan, writing your sales page and launch emails, and coaching you on how to work best with the planetary energy for a more powerful launch.

And with unlimited Zoom calls plus Voxer chat, you’ll be supported the whole way!

STARTS AT $8,000


Want something else? Book a call and let’s chat this out.

"I wanted to reinvigorate a sales page which hadn't changed much in about five years! I wanted powerful copy that was going to increase conversion rates. Sophia was an absolute professional! I loved how the whole process of working with her was very structured – from the initial meeting on Zoom to discuss my needs and how she could help, to the time she allocated to complete the project. I loved that she was working in Google Docs and that I could check the progress of her work, and the Loom videos with priceless nuggets of information she shared. A very valuable experience."

Rachel Chappel, North Shore Mums

Rachel Chappel North Shore Mums

What if I’m just starting out but still want

EPIC copy?


I love people like you! That’s why I’ve created my Sales Page Template and ‘Sales Copy that Serves’ group coaching program.

You can find out more about those right here.

Sophia Arthur speaker and funnel strategist

Want me to speak

at your online or in-person event?


I speak at conferences and in online trainings/masterminds on topics like: 

  • How to charge more and stress less
  • How to write copy that sells (without feeling salesy)
  • The big mindshift around selling that will improve the ‘ickiness’ and dread
  • The big mistakes online entrepreneurs make with their sales copy and what to do instead
  • How to work with astrological energy to optimise your offers, copy and launches ✨

As trusted by


"Sophia has an engaging presence that brings a lot of warm energy to a room. She's really good at breaking down complex topics for people who might be new to online business or unfamiliar with the jargon in a way that feels motivating rather than overwhelming. Of course she’s great with words—she’s a wonderful copywriter. But more than that, she really understands the strategy behind messaging that builds trust and empathy and the most effective ways to encourage prospects to become clients."

Lisa Mullis, Master Your Message

Lisa Mullis Master Your Message

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Fleur Chambers

"Sophia is full of energy, great ideas and, of course, great words. She has a way of really getting into the heart and mind of your audience without making it feel too ‘salesy’.

Fleur Chambers, The Happy Habit

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It's time to tap into the real 'you' and avoid any communication traps that might be getting in the way of your success.