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Let's unleash your cosmic style so your perfect business can bloom

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It's time to have a thriving business that matches your soul's desires, energy, and unique gifts.

Together, we'll look in-depth at your personal astrology chart to uncover your business superpowers and map out an ideal marketing strategy that takes your energy signature into account.

We’ll refine your message and set up your offers and timings based on your chart and key transits, so you can have the most easeful, productive, and profitable year yet.

Business astrology coaching
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Astrological strategy and business coaching

You’ll have...

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  • More confidence
  • Clearer messaging
  • Aligned AF offers and launches

You'll know your challenges, strengths, and zone of genius with pinpoint precision. Everything will start to feel right in your body AND be strategically mapped out.

When I first heard about Sophia's astrology-based business planning sessions, I was so excited. From the moment I started my session, we were 1000% on the same page because Sophia gets online business so deeply. We explored timing options that could work for me, when I might be in my best flow or what might be working for me at the time, as well as how that would match practically for a launch plan and a launch cycle. The biggest win for me has been that decisiveness – it just feels right in my body and it’s strategically mapped out.

Amanda Jane Daley, Business Mentor for Health Coaches

Amanda Jane Daley business coach
Planning your business with astrology

We’re a good fit to

work together if...

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  • You’ve got incredible products, services, or online programs
  • You’ve got an established online business (this isn’t your first foray into the online world)
  • You’re ready to step up to the next level and make a significant investment in your marketing and business strategy
  • You're open to exploring how astrology can help you create stronger messaging and a more aligned business

Is this you?



Here’s how we can do this

Cosmic Business Breakthrough coaching

Cosmic Business Breakthrough Session

These coaching sessions are designed to help you understand your soul gifts and optimise your message – using astrology as an exploratory tool.

We'll look at your key communication and 'calling' signatures, as shown by the position of the planets at the time of your birth. We'll also investigate the changes you can make for more powerful offers and launches.

All sessions are run via Zoom and recorded, so you can watch them again if you miss something!


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Cosmic alignment coaching with Sophia Pallas

Private Cosmic Alignment and Copy Coaching

I’ve designed this private coaching container to help you get fully aligned with your business and marketing message by working in harmony with your astrological blueprint AND the cosmic tides.

Together, we'll uncover your unique style and communication signature and map out how to amplify your gifts for greater marketing success.

You’ll also get my expert eyes on your sales pages, emails and social posts each week, so you can move ahead with clarity and confidence.

FROM $1,800/month

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Cosmic copywriting and consulting

Done-FOR-you launch copy with loads of strategic (and astrological) support

Launching online is a big investment. Let me show you how to get a strong return.

I’ll review the key signatures in your birth chart and do detailed research on what you AND your ideal customers truly want, so we can align your offer and move the right people towards working with you.

I’ll be mapping your launch plan, writing your sales page and launch emails, and coaching you on how to work best with the planetary energy for a more powerful launch.

And with unlimited Zoom calls plus Voxer chat, you’ll be supported the whole way!

STARTS AT $10,000

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Want something else? Book a call and let’s chat this out.

When I enlisted Sophia's expertise to shed light on my birth chart, I had no idea the degree of depth and nuance I was about to receive. Illuminated is an understatement. With tact, decorum and finesse, Sophia walked me through exactly what I needed to know about my chart in relation to my business strengths and zone of genius with pinpoint precision. What I value most is being seen, acknowledged and affirmed through knowing the path I am on has been beautifully carved for me and that when I harness my desires and powers that are written in the stars, I'm able to shine a brighter light for those that desire the same for themselves. Do this work, receive these one-of-a-kind insights and prepare for everything to not only change but get a whole lot better.

Lauren White, Confidante for Female Founders

Lauren White confidant

Want a Taste of what astrology can do for your



Not ready for coaching just yet? That’s why I’ve created some high-impact workshops and programs for you to dive deeper into this for yourself.

You can find out more about those right here.

Sophia Pallas coach and speaker

Want me to speak

at your online or in-person event?

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I speak at conferences and in online trainings/masterminds on topics like: 

  • How to work with astrological energy to optimise your sales copy and content✨
  • How to plan your year using astrology for better flow and alignment
  • Working with the phases of the moon for more powerful launches

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"Sophia has an engaging presence that brings a lot of warm energy to a room. She's really good at breaking down complex topics for people who might be new to online business or unfamiliar with the jargon in a way that feels motivating rather than overwhelming. Of course she’s great with words—she’s a wonderful copywriter. But more than that, she really understands the strategy behind messaging that builds trust and empathy and the most effective ways to encourage prospects to become clients."

Lisa Mullis, Master Your Message

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Got questions?

Get some answers

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Kat Thomson

The way Sophia unpacked the meanings of the different astrological signs was really clear.  Now when I look at my signs they make so much more sense.  I understand how to apply them to my everyday life and business. I can sense this is a sliding doors moment for me in terms of knowing myself and therefore how I am here to serve!

Kat Thompson, Miscarriage Transformed

Cosmic Communication Guide to Discover your communication style and key tips for how to use it better in business.

Get my

Cosmic Communication Style Guide

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It's time to tap into the real 'you' and avoid any communication traps that might be getting in the way of your success.