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Mars and business strategy

Ep 84: Crafting aligned offers with your Big 3 – Sun, Moon & Rising Signs

Did you know how you feel about your offers directly impacts their success? Your offers need to fill ...
Cosmic marketing plan with Sophia Pallas

Ep 83: Supercharge your online launch using business astrology

I’ve gotta be honest, this current Mercury retrograde and eclipse portal has hit me for six. 😳 I’ve had ...
Email marketing and mercury retrograde

Ep 82: Beat email marketing burnout during Mercury Retrograde

Let's flip the script on Mercury retrograde and use it to do something productive in your business – ...
Aries traits in business

Ep 81: Zodiac Business Series – Aries Energy

Aries, you’re up! 🚀 ♈ It’s time for the next installment of the Zodiac Business Series where we ...
Eclipse season panel with Rhianna Jade, Sophia Pallas and Kristy Gray

Ep 80: Navigating eclipse season for more courage and balance in business

It’s happening – we’ve entered eclipse season. The first Lunar Eclipse of the year will be on March ...
Sophia explains how to write great copy with astrology

Ep 79: How to write great copy for your business using your astrology chart

Want to know ONE thing that will instantly improve the copy for your website, emails, and social posts? ...
Pisces traits in business

Ep 78: Zodiac Business Series – Pisces Energy

It’s time for the next installment of the Zodiac Business Series. ✨🪐 Today we’re diving into the intuitive ...
How your Rising Sign influences your personal brand

Ep 77: 5 ways your Rising Sign influences your personal brand

If you’re a business owner who wants to amp up your personal brand – this episode is for you. ...
Powerful personal branding photoshoots with Lauren White

Ep 76: Creating a powerful personal brand photoshoot with Lauren White

We’re venturing into the realms of sex, power, pleasure, authenticity, and the transformative potential of photoshoots in personal ...
Aquarius traits in business

Ep 75: Zodiac Business Series – Aquarius energy

We've got a lineup of planets in Aquarius this week. ♒ In fact, by the weekend, we’ll have, ...
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