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Branding and astrology in business

Ep 67: Cosmic Wrap-Up – End of year reflections and a sneak peek into 2024

It’s hard to believe it’s the end of the year... It feels like only weeks ago that I ...
Pluto transits with Georgina Sierra

Ep 66: Working with Pluto to transform your life and business – with Georgina Sierra

This week we’re going on a journey to the underworld… We’re exploring the depths of the planet Pluto ...
Mars and business strategy

Ep 65: Mars and your best business strategy

Today we’re going back to the planet Mars for a deeper dive into our best business strategies.  In ...
Numerology and astrology

Ep 64: Merging numbers and stars for success – with Novalee Wilder

Have you ever wondered why certain numbers or names feel really good to you and others feel off? ...
Chiron and business growth

Ep 63: Embracing Chiron for business growth with Kristy Gray

Today on the podcast, I’ve brought back one of my favourite guests – astrologer Kristy Gray – to help us ...
Astrology and thinking or processing speeds

Ep 62: Mercury Mastery – Understand and support your processing pace

Do you think fast or slow? This podcast episode is an ode to my slower-paced processing speed because ...
Astrology and business strategy

Ep 61: Venus – Your business’ secret pricing advisor

Today we’re talking about an issue I see many online business owners feeling challenged by… …especially at the ...
Decoding your business astrology chart

Ep 60: Cracking the code of your business astrology chart

This podcast is all about business astrology and so far – 60 episodes in... ...and we haven’t specifically ...
Creating a cosmic customer experience with Gisell Paula

Ep 59: Creating a cosmic customer experience with Gisell Paula

Want to know one of the biggest costs in your business? 💸 👉 It's customer acquisition – AKA ...

Ep 58: From cosmic-skeptic to astrology business mentor with Samuel F. Reynolds

How do you go from being a complete skeptic of astrology to becoming a teacher of the very ...
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