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Sophia Arthur uses astrology and tarot in business

How I use astrology for business

I was talking to a very wise and no B.S. business friend last week and she said to ...
Sophia Arthur email marketing tips

7 signs you need to up your email marketing game

I used to HATE writing emails. No joke.  I thought, “What copywriter in their right mind would make ...
Sophia Arthur successful online business launches

How to be a launch unicorn in online business

If you’ve been here for a while, you might’ve heard me talk about online business launches. If you’re ...
Sales page copywriter Sophia Arthur

6 sales page mistakes you’ll want to avoid

I really didn’t want to tell her when I saw it... It was like watching someone trip over ...
My simple sales research process

Simple sales research for high-converting copy

When I start working with a client on a full sales funnel – from opt-in to sales page ...
Sophia's process for writing a sales page

How to write a sales page without sleaze

So you’ve got an awesome online product or program. You’ve spent hours perfecting the slides, worksheets and templates ...
The tools I use to make business and life easier

The sneaky online tools I use to make life and business better

One of my kids’ favourite books is Wocket in My Pocket by Dr Seuss. It’s about a boy ...
How to improve a website

Does your website need a workout?

Do you feel like your website isn’t as healthy as it could be? Maybe your traffic has dropped ...

5 ways search engine optimisation can grow your business

SEO is one of those things most business owners push to the back of their mind or put ...

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