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Self-care for entrepreneurs via your Moon sign

Ep 93: Self-care for entrepreneurs via your Moon sign

Today, we're diving into a topic that can make a HUGE difference to your experience in online business ...
Reconnect with your business purpose and fall in love with your business again

Ep 92: Fall back in love with your business using astrology

Have you fallen out of love with your business? Maybe you've been feeling uninspired and "meh" about the ...
Your business passion with Venus

Ep 91: Find your business passion with Venus in your astrology chart [All 12 signs]

Ever wondered why some parts of your business light you up and others leave you feeling drained?  It's ...
Astrology and money with Sarah Mac and Sophia Pallas

Ep 90: Uplevel your business money story using astrology – with Sarah Mac

Did you know your money story and how you relate to your self-worth are embedded in your astrology ...
Gemini entrepreneurs

Ep 89: Gemini traits in business [Zodiac Business Series]

Ever wondered how some entrepreneurs can juggle multiple projects and interests simultaneously? Odds are they're a Gemini (or ...
Sun sign placement and your CEO energy

Ep 88: Boost your CEO energy via your Sun sign placement

Ready to tap into the power behind your business's success? In today’s podcast episode, we're getting up close ...
Astrology and your business

Ep 87: Is Astro-powered AI bad for business?

Is using astrology-powered AI to develop copy or messaging BAD for business? That’s what we’re going to explore ...
Money, power and astrology with Sophia Pallas

Ep 86: Jupiter in Gemini – Business opportunities for all 12 signs

There’s a big cosmic shift happening later this month and I want you to be extra prepared…. Jupiter ...
Taurus energy in business

Ep 85: Taurus energy in business [Zodiac Business Series]

Ever wondered why Taurus entrepreneurs can stay so calm under pressure? We're exploring this and many other Taurus ...
Mars and business strategy

Ep 84: Crafting aligned offers with your Big 3 – Sun, Moon & Rising Signs

Did you know how you feel about your offers directly impacts their success? Your offers need to fill ...
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