Sophia Arthur is a wellness copywriter and coach who’ll help you show up and serve your audience with confidence.

Why does selling something made to help or heal feel so



The good news is,
it doesn’t have to


Hi, I’m Sophia Pallas

Copywriter & intuitive launch coach

While I have almost 15 years’ experience helping big brands and entrepreneurs with messaging and sales copy...

I also have a secret weapon.

I tap into the ancient wisdom of astrology to create more powerful, aligned messaging that feels completely in tune with you and your ideal clients.

Because it's time to sell in a way that's in sync with your soul.

Sophia Arthur copywriter and launch coach
Sophia Arthur wellness copywriter

This work lights me up more than anything else because I know you’re in business to help and serve.

You want the absolute best for your clients and you know your work achieves incredible results. 

But what the books and 'experts' tell you about sales doesn't align with your integrity.

You're sick of selling in the 'old', pushy, or masculine ways.

You want to deeply connect with your soulmate clients and help them take that next step with confidence – not out of fear. 

"I needed clarity in how to prepare for and plan my next launch. I’ve launched online programs for years, but have never felt fully prepared, or clear on what I can do to make it the best I can. I also always struggled with my sales emails, and feeling too salesy for my tribe. Everything about my time with Sophia was amazing! She went way beyond what I thought she could help me with. She not only helped with my copy, but the funnels, the timings, the plan, how to prepare my list, how to build my list. All without feeling salesy at all."

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, Author

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz
Sales copy program

How I went from corporate PR

to helping wellness entrepreneurs grow strong, thriving

online businesses


Not so long ago, I was a senior account manager at a national PR firm. 

I was managing BIG clients and serious launches. 

But I knew there was a disconnect between what I was working on and who I am.

I wanted to work with

the change makers


The people who were deeply connected with their vision to create a healthier world, one client at a time.

So I traded in my corporate heels for the world of online business – where it’s blissfully OK to come to work in t-shirts and podiatrist-approved sneakers.

But I’m continually surprised by how many amazing business owners undersell themselves, even after decades of training, experience and phenomenal outcomes. 

That's why it’s become my mission to change the way you see selling and take it from 'ick' to 'incredible’, so you can show up and serve your audience at a much higher level.

Sophia Arthur wellness business
Elle Kealy

"I’ve worked with other copywriters before but I was blown away by the level of expertise Sophia brought to the entire process. It was easy, fun and fast working with her through building out an entire funnel – no small feat! The copy was spot on for our target market and really spoke their language. It made me want to sign up for my own program!"

Elle Kealy, Corio Body

The secret to amazing sales copy is

incredibly simple


It doesn’t have to be scary or feel sleazy. 

It’s all about uncovering your unique gifts and connecting with your ideal customers on a soul level, so you can help them live their best lives. 

I’m going to show you how.

I’ll give you a clear path forward that feels easy. 

Because I’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs get kick-arse results (without feeling like they’re on a terribly scripted infomercial), and it’s totally possible for you too.

Ready to get started?

"I was juggling loads of projects and really needed some expert help to get a strategy in place and get clarity around my message. Sophia got my vibe, target audience and messaging spot on and worked super fast to create great copy. And, my retreat sold out in a day – so it worked!"

Cass Dunn, Psychologist and Author

Cass Dunn

Things you might not



I’ve lived in Brisbane, Bundaberg, Cairns, Sydney and Melbourne, and now call the Gold Coast home.

One of my former roles involved writing fact sheets about penis problems. And, I was highly commended by the Public Relations Institute for a national men’s health campaign I worked on called ‘Talk about your tackle’.

I love my tarot cards, I observe the phases of the Moon, and I’ll happily talk your ear off about all things astrological. 

In 2019, I took my two young kids on a three-month sabbatical to Greece, where we spent time exploring the beautiful Ionian island Kythera, where my mother’s family is from.

One of my great passions is learning. I’ve studied journalism, politics, psychology, law, copywriting, fiction writing, and even natural medicine. I believe life is a constant quest for knowledge and understanding.

I’m a big fan of green smoothies – but hold the matcha powder, please!

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