Sophia Arthur copywriting workshop

I know you don't feel like 'selling' right now...

But some people might be needing you

more than ever


Let me teach you how to write copy in a crisis so you can serve the people who need you without feeling gross

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Before I was a copywriter for online entrepreneurs, I was a PR adviser helping manage company reputations and communications in times of crisis.


In this comprehensive 1hr masterclass, I'll show you how to deliver clear, on-brand messaging that doesn't come across as crass or callous in our rapidly changing time.

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in this masterclass

Copy in a crisis

I’ll walk you through *three key things* you need to do to make sure your copy is relevant, responsible and effective while people's news feeds are crammed with pandemic updates.

Because the truth is, you might need some extra support right now

Even in the best of times, selling can feel gross, ‘icky’ or downright uncomfortable. 

Right now, just talking about your business probably feels like a huge struggle.

But in times like these, showing up with service is the best thing you can do for the people who follow you.

And, having a simple framework will save you a whole lot of stress.

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Lisa Mullis Master Your Message

"Sophia has an engaging presence that brings a lot of warm energy to a room. She's really good at breaking down complex topics for people who might be new to online business or unfamiliar with the jargon in a way that feels motivating rather than overwhelming. Of course she’s great with words—she’s a wonderful copywriter. But more than that, she really understands the strategy behind messaging that builds trust and empathy and the most effective ways to encourage prospects to become clients."

Lisa Mullis, Master Your Message




Click here to access the replay of this live masterclass and learn 3 key steps to create relevant, responsible and effective copy during times of crisis.