Struggling to get the right words on the page when

it's time to sell?


Join my FREE live workshop to find out how to entice your ideal client to say, “yes, I need that!” (without feeling 'salesy')

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If you’ve got no idea what to write about your programs or services when it's time to sell -- my LIVE 1hr workshop is for you.

Join me on Wednesday 28 October at 9.30am AEST

(that's 10.30am for NSW and VIC)

I want to help you sell in a way that’s in complete alignment with who you are, so it feels AMAZINGLY good.

Because ‘selling’ doesn't have to feel like a dirty word…

Sophia Arthur copywriter is here to help online business owners

How to write

Copy that sells without feeling 'salesy'

In this 1hr LIVE workshop, you’ll find out:
  1. How to stop thinking about sales as a problem, and start loving what it can achieve for you and your clients
  2. How to write in a way that ‘coaches’ potential clients to your solution
  3. The big mistakes to avoid when writing your copy (and what to do instead)




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Lisa Mullis Master Your Message

"Sophia has an engaging presence that brings a lot of warm energy to a room. She's really good at breaking down complex topics for people who might be new to online business or unfamiliar with the jargon in a way that feels motivating rather than overwhelming. Of course she’s great with words—she’s a wonderful copywriter. But more than that, she really understands the strategy behind messaging that builds trust and empathy and the most effective ways to encourage prospects to become clients."

Lisa Mullis, Master Your Message