Sales copywriting program

Have an amazing, life-changing product or program but no idea how to sell it?

Uncover the missing copy ingredients no-one is talking about when it comes to

selling online


(Even if you think selling feels ‘icky’ and you’ve never written a sales page before)

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Are you feeling frustrated with the lack of clarity and confidence you have around what it takes to sell online?

That’s why I’ve created a hands-on group coaching program that’ll give you a simple system to sell or launch with ease.

Sales copy coaching

it's called

Sales Copy That Serves

I’ll walk you through three key things you need to do to set yourself up for success.

And, I’ll be right there beside you as you develop your incredible, impactful sales copy that coaches people towards their transformation with you.

Because the truth is, even great things can’t sell themselves

I get that selling can feel gross, ‘icky’ or just downright uncomfortable. 

But the best part about what I’ll teach you in this hands-on, practical coaching program is that sometimes selling doesn’t even have to involve “asking for the sale”.

This is about you showing up with service and doing the thing you do best. 

In fact, doing this in the right way (using those missing ingredients) means your clients will be asking YOU when and where they can sign up.

Sales Copy that Serves Program
Georgia Harding Well Nourished

"Working with Sophia gave me the clarity and confidence to put my membership offer out there gently, in a way that felt really aligned with who I am. The sales page and emails didn't feel 'salesy' at all but we still had more than 1,300 members sign up – an incredible result."

Georgia Harding, Well Nourished

"Sophia is full of energy, great ideas and, of course, great words. She has a way of really getting into the hearts and minds of your audience without making it feel too ‘salesy’."

Fleur Chambers, Harvesting Happiness

Fleur Chambers
Lisa Mullis Master Your Message

"Sophia has an engaging presence that brings a lot of warm energy to a room. She's really good at breaking down complex topics for people who might be new to online business or unfamiliar with the jargon in a way that feels motivating rather than overwhelming. Of course she’s great with words—she’s a wonderful copywriter. But more than that, she really understands the strategy behind messaging that builds trust and empathy and the most effective ways to encourage prospects to become clients."

Lisa Mullis, Master Your Message

Sales Copy

that Serves


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