Ep 87: Is Astro-powered AI bad for business?

Is using astrology-powered AI to develop copy or messaging BAD for business?

That’s what we’re going to explore in today’s episode of the podcast.

The truth?

One of my recent Facebook ads went awry… So I’m giving you my hot take on the benefits and pitfalls of using astrology and AI to write your copy.

This episode aims to give you ideas for using AI as a powerful tool in your business,  rather than creating stuff that sounds like a robot wrote it.

I also talk about how to use AI for astrology (spoiler: you need to use discernment and it will never be as good as a personal reading).

🎧 Listen to episode 87 now:

Here’s the story behind this episode on astrology and AI:

A few weeks ago, I developed a new resource and ran some ads to help it reach more people.

To be clear, the first round of my ads didn’t do that well.  But something else happened instead…

Last week, an astrologer friend told me my ad had been mentioned on a popular astrology channel – with highly respected astrologers – on YouTube.

It turns out it wasn’t mentioned positively.

While I wasn’t completely torn apart, the hosts raised questions about my ad and whether it was connected to ineffective or fake astrology and copywriting.

For context, their video was about the Venus Star Point – an interesting and complex astrological sequence to do with the conjunctions of Venus and the Sun. 

The astrologers in this video talk about the themes that arise when these star points occur and there’s one coming up soon in Gemini.

And AI is a big theme that’s coming through…

You can check out the full video here if you want to watch and get the context yourself.

(My ad is featured about the 55-minute mark.)

👉 Watch this episode of the Cosmic Business Breakthrough to find out my response and recommendations for using AI to work with your astrology chart and create powerful messaging for your business.

YouTube video


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