Ep 95: Plan your perfect week with the planets

Do you ever feel like you’re battling Monday blues or powering through Thursdays like a boss?

If you’re wondering why some days you’re in ‘the zone’ and others you feel like you’re always scrambling… 

There is (of course) an astrological reason. 😉 💫

In this week’s episode of the podcast, you’ll find out how to plan your perfect week using the power of the planets.

I’ll walk you through how each planet influences the days of the week and how to leverage this cosmic schedule, plus:

👉 Discover which planet rules each day and what it means for your business activities.

👉 Practical tips for theming your days with planetary energies to boost productivity and creativity.

👉 Ideas for how to merge this astrological approach with your existing planning system.

By aligning your activities with the energy of the planets, I’ll show you how you can create more flow, ease, and success in your business week.

🎧 Listen or watch now for a breakdown of how to:

✅ Make your business days more productive and energised by following the planets’ rhythm.

✅ Use planetary energies to boost your creativity and intuition for better content creation and planning.

✅ Reduce stress and avoid burnout by scheduling tasks in harmony with astrological influences.

✅ Combine ancient wisdom with modern practices for a unique and effective business approach.

✅ Get practical examples and personal stories on how astrology has helped my business and how it can help yours too.

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How to plan your perfect week with planetary guidance

Let’s break down how each day of the week is influenced by the planets and how you can use this knowledge to make your business and personal life flow more smoothly.

🌙 Monday: Moon Magic

Monday is all about the Moon, which means it’s a great day for focusing on self-care, planning, and setting intentions for the week. Emotions and intuition are in the spotlight, so try to keep your schedule light and flexible. This is your day to nurture yourself and ease into the week.

🔥 Tuesday: Mars Energy

Mars takes charge on Tuesday, bringing a burst of energy, drive, and a go-getter attitude. Use this day to tackle challenging tasks, start new projects, and incorporate some physical activity into your routine. It’s all about harnessing that powerful, action-oriented vibe.

🗣️ Wednesday: Mercury’s Communication Day

With Mercury ruling Wednesday, it’s the perfect day for communication, meetings, webinars, and strategic planning. Focus on content creation, client work, and networking. It’s a day to get those ideas flowing and connect with others.

🍒 Thursday: Jupiter’s Abundance

Thursday, ruled by Jupiter, is often the most productive day of the week. It’s ideal for big-picture thinking, brainstorming, teaching, and expanding your business horizons. Embrace the growth and abundance that Jupiter brings.

💚 Friday: Venus Vibes

Venus brings beauty, relationships, financial matters, and joy into focus on Friday. This is a fantastic day for networking, creative work, and building client relationships. Let the harmonious and joyful energy of Venus guide your activities.

🏛️ Saturday: Saturn’s Structure

Saturn’s influence on Saturday emphasises structure, discipline, and responsibility. Use this day to catch up on tasks, organise your space, and set long-term goals. It’s a day for getting things in order and laying down a solid foundation.

☀️ Sunday: Sun’s Rejuvenation

Sunday, ruled by the Sun, is all about relaxation, reflection, and re-energising. Spend time planning for the upcoming week, engaging in personal development, and enjoying yourself. It’s a day to bask in the Sun’s warm, revitalising energy.

By aligning your weekly activities with the planets, you can create a more balanced, productive, and fulfilling schedule.

Give it a try and see how the cosmos can support your business and personal growth.


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