Ep 16: How a Uranus transit completely changed my business

I feel like I’m ready to go a bit further into something deeply personal that’s transpired for me over the past 3+ years…

And of course, it’s all tied to one of life’s BIG astrological transits – 

🪐 Uranus through the 1st house. 🪐

In this week’s episode of Cosmic Business Breakthrough™, I dive into the history and mythology associated with the planet Uranus and why this outer planet packs such a HUGE punch.

Then we explore what actually happened when I had Uranus move into my 1st house of identity and cross over my ‘ascendant’ or specific Rising Sign degree.

Let’s just say there were a few shocking or unexpected developments in my life and business (you’ll have to listen to get all the details 😉).

In a nutshell, Uranus is considered an ‘awakening’ planet

In your chart, it’s there to challenge all that’s stale and predictable. 

It’s unconventional and anti-establishment, and very much associated with us developing our own AUTHENTICITY. 

There’s also a cutting away or a separating associated with Uranus. 

It brings a sense that we need to individuate or define ourselves in our own right, which can sometimes mean separating from our past, our societal patterns, and/or some significant relationships.

The truth is, my Uranus transit changed SO MUCH in my life that I’m still in the process of integrating it all…

But I’ve noticed a few key things:

>> I have a deeper sense of freedom in how I communicate.

>> I’ve stopped caring as much about what people think. 

>> I’ve started focusing more on what feels TRUE to me. 

That’s the real beauty of a Uranus transit. 

You don’t have time for the BS anymore. 

Overall, I am incredibly grateful for my Uranus transit and I know many people who have experienced a major transit like this go on to find more fulfillment in life afterward. 

It’s literally a coming of age. 

Something you can only learn with time and a hell of a lot of patience as it’s happening!

👉 So, what big changes have happened in your life lately?

👉 What have you learned about yourself through the process?

What I love about astrology and understanding my own chart and transits is that I learn SO much more about myself and I can actively work with the changes as they’re happening. 

I’m participating in my life more than just having it “happen to me”.

And that’s what I want for you as well. 

I’d love to know what you think of this episode.

🎧 Listen now and tag me on Instagram @sophiapallas with your ‘AHA’ moments!

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