Ep 12: Working with Jupiter for growth and expansion in your business

Who doesn’t want more growth, expansion and abundance in their business? 

If you’ve worked with me before or listened to other episodes, you probably know that Jupiter transits are usually more fun than the rest. 

🪐 Jupiter is the planet of expansion and abundance. 

🪐 It’s the planet of higher learning, wisdom, and philosophy, as well as JOY and exuberance. 

Want the good news? 

Jupiter will be moving through two signs over the next few months – activating two houses in your birth chart.

These are the houses you’re going to be experiencing the most growth and expansion and probably some joy or good vibes as well.

(You could also notice a need to boost and build these areas of your life or improve your understanding.)

Importantly, Jupiter will be doing its final pass through the sign of Pisces in November, where it was at the beginning of 2022.

This is our final opportunity to do Jupiter in Pisces things and really make the most of that energy.

However, when Jupiter shifts back into Aries in late December, it’s all systems GO.

This is where you turn those Piscean dreams into reality. 

Check out this podcast episode to find out more about how to work with Jupiter in your business, and what it has to offer while it’s in Aries and Pisces over the coming months. 

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