Ep 1: Why astrology is the key to your business breakthrough

I’ve been a copywriter and a launch strategist for some epic online entrepreneurs, and you know what I’ve noticed?

The most common issue that brings people unstuck in their marketing is not communicating WHAT or HOW they do something, it’s actually understanding their WHY.

The reason you do your thing is what makes you absolutely unique from everyone else out there.

Understanding yourself, your motivation and your purpose is what allows you to have that clear, refined and UNWAVERING message that attracts perfect fit clients. 

Because when you’re wobbly on why you do your thing, it’s difficult to work out who you’re really selling to, and sometimes even how you do it differently.

And then it’s almost impossible to feel really aligned with your message.

That’s where astrology comes in. 

I describe it like a personality test on steroids.

In this episode, you’ll find out:

  • How astrology can help you go deeper on ALL the big business questions
  • How I work with clients to uncover their ‘WHY’ (and what to look for if you’re doing this yourself)
  • Examples of how this works ‘in action’ in your business

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I’m an astrologer, copywriter, and intuitive launch coach who helps online entrepreneurs connect deeply with their soul purpose and innate communication style to create magic in their businesses.

While I have more than 15 years’ experience helping big brands with PR, marketing, and sales copy – I also have a secret weapon...

I tap into the ancient wisdom of astrology to create more powerful, aligned messaging that feels completely in tune with YOU.



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