Ep 44: Embracing astrology in parenthood – Our journey with Baby Fernando

I tell you what, the newborn bubble is a wild ride.⁠..

Our little Taurus babe, Fernando James, arrived 6 weeks ago.⁠

And while we’re madly in love with him and his squishy little cheeks 👶 – we’re still navigating the highs and lows of the 4th trimester. ⁠

Even though I’ve been here before with my other kids, the intensity still surprises me.⁠

One day, I feel like I’ve totally got this motherhood thing nailed. 💪⁠

The next, I’m a puddle on the floor/couch/bed – barely able to do anything other than breastfeed the baby and cry. 😭⁠

If I’m totally honest, today is one of those (second) kinds of days…⁠

But I still wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes peek into our life as new parents and the astrological things we’ve been considering throughout this whole beautiful process. ⁠

So that’s what today’s episode of the Cosmic Business Breakthrough is all about.⁠

Of course, I had to bring my hubby Carlos back on the podcast for this chat too. 😉⁠ 👇

In this warm and fuzzy episode about astrology in parenthood, we discuss:

🎢 The roller coaster of feelings we’ve experienced, from physical pain to overwhelming love and happiness.⁠

🌟 The significance of Fernando’s astrological chart, and the power of the anaretic degree and what it means for our little one. ⁠

♉ The unique double Taurus personality traits of our son, and how being aware of these characteristics can help us guide him without imposing our expectations. ⁠

🧑‍ At the end, I talk through some fascinating connections between parent and child astrological charts, explaining how family members can be linked in various ways. ⁠

🎧 Listen now and let us know what you think by tagging me @sophiapallas. ⁠


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