Ep 43: Finding your business joy with Dr Stormie Grace

Annnnddd… We’re back to regular programming!

(Well, sort of…)

I’m still in baby land (more to come on that soon) and I’ve been saving up this podcast episode for a while now.

So, let’s talk about business joy and astrology with a very special guest…

I’m excited to introduce you to Dr Stormie Grace – a practicing astrologer with an incredible YouTube channel that she’s been building since 2014.

Now, her crowd-funded YouTube Astrology Academy provides free basic astrology classes taught by the finest astrologers from around the world. 

As well as being an amazing astrologer with a huge following, Stormie holds a Doctorate of Business, giving her powerful insights into business astrology and interpreting global (or ‘mundane’) astro transits.

In this episode, Stormie shares her personal journey into astrology, including the pivotal moment she experienced while working in her dream job as a radio host (right at her Saturn return).

We talk about everything from the challenges of transitioning into a new identity as an astrologer, to how she grew her popular YouTube channel, and the unexpected twists of building a successful business in the online space.

Listen to the Cosmic Business Breakthrough to find out Stormie’s take on:

🌟 The importance of following your passion and taking leaps of faith in your career.

🌟 The power of community and collaboration in business.

🌟 The significance of astrological transits in shaping our life paths.

If you stick around until the end, you’ll hear us talk about business strategies for the transit of Jupiter through Taurus (which began in mid-May). 

🎧 Listen now and let us know what you think by tagging me @sophiapallas and @stormiegrace08 on Instagram. 

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