Ep 20: Embracing the fire in your chart with brand strategist Nikki Clark

There’s nothing more expensive for business owners than an identity crisis…

That’s something this week’s podcast guest knows very well.

Both for her clients and in her own business. 

Nikki Clark is a friend, colleague, and client of mine, who is also a master messaging expert and reinvention fanatic.

Her boutique messaging service ensures extraordinary professionals with underwhelming brands CHANGE their online presence to attract full recognition.

Nikki’s corporate resume flaunts brands like Levis, IBM, RedBull, Nike, & Sony (ring any bells…?). 

Now a rockstar in the online business world, she uses her incredible energy and lust for fun to build personal brands that function as well as they feel. 

Because while being an expert is one thing…

… it’s quite another to establish a brand that guarantees you sound and look the part. 

In this podcast episode, you’re going to find out about Nikki’s style and zone of genius when it comes to building and reinventing brands.

And one of the things we dive into is how her personal brand has evolved through her experience with astrology.

The truth is, up until recently – Nikki was experiencing her very own brand identity crisis. 

Understanding key elements of her astrology chart has given her more confidence to be who she really is, “and give less f*cks” about what anyone else thinks! 

She’s been able to embrace the fire in her chart and reinvent herself as the bold, daring, and direct entrepreneur she truly is. 

In this episode you’ll find out:

🌟 The unusual childhood experience that led Nikki into branding and marketing… 

🌟 Why Nikki never identified with her Sun sign of Pisces and the conversation that made her realise something was missing.

🌟 The astrological reasons she’s perfectly suited to do the incredible work that she does. 

🌟 Key elements in your chart that’ll help you define your personal brand.

I can’t wait for you to listen to this funny and insightful conversation (Nikki is a firecracker!)

And we’d love to know what you think – tag me @sophiapallas and @nikkilouclark on Instagram with your ‘AHA’ moments.

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If you want more astrological insights into your personal brand, book a Cosmic Business Breakthrough session with me here.

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