Ep 21: Managing your Moon for more fulfillment and happiness in business

Did you know your Moon sign is key to helping you become happier in business? 

I mean where does happiness come from?

It comes from being fully seen, witnessed, and understood in this lifetime, right?

It comes from having the environment, work, friends, relationships, and activities that feel fulfilling to you. 

And not everyone’s version of happiness is the same. We’re all searching for different things when it comes to our fulfillment.

For one person, playing a round of golf might be hugely relaxing and invigorating…

…For someone else it would be the most boring few hours of their life! 😱

The truth is, astrology helps us find happiness because it gives us the clarity to STOP doing the things we hate, and instead focus our attention on the things we truly love and the places and people we want to be with. 

In astrology, we can look to your Moon sign to help you find more inner happiness and fulfillment in business.

Listen to this episode to find out how:

If you’ve listened to my Working with the Moon episode – you’ll know the Moon represents our emotions, our subconscious reactions, and our instincts and intuition. 

The zodiac sign the Moon was when we were born represents who we are when we’re AT HOME.

This is the person we are internally – before we’ve had time to think about who we’re trying to be or filter ourselves. 

It shows us our needs and gives a lot of clues to help us come back to our sense of equilibrium and fulfillment. 

The thing is, if we learn to understand and look after our Moon, we feel happier in ALL areas of our lives – including our businesses. 

So what’s your Moon sign and how can you work with it?

I give you a rundown of all 12 Moon signs in this episode. So have a look at your chart if you can and think about (or, rather – feel into) what resonates with you.

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To create a free birth chart, you can use a free astrology chart generator like this one from Cafe Astrology.

If you want more astrological insights, book a Cosmic Business Breakthrough session with me here.

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