Ep 60: Cracking the code of your business astrology chart

This podcast is all about business astrology and so far – 60 episodes in…

…and we haven’t specifically talked about analysing a business astrology chart. 😱

So why is that? 

I believe before you dive into the astrological energy of your business, you first need to understand what you – as the CEO or leader of that business – bring to the table. 

Because most of the people I work with are online entrepreneurs with a personal brand, we always look to YOU as the ENTREPRENEUR first. 

This means we understand your energy, your style, and your needs, then we look to see what the business is telling us. 

👉 And today we’re going there. 

We’re going to unpack how business astrology charts work and what yours could be telling you…

🎧 Listen now to find out:

🪐 How to set up an astrology chart even if you don’t have a clear time of ‘birth’ for your business.

🪐 What the planets represent when it comes to your business and what to look out for.

🪐 How to interpret the houses of a business astrology chart compared with your personal natal chart.

🪐 Critical things to consider about your business’s long-term viability or success.


No business chart is going to be 100% amazing. Just like a person, every business will have its strengths and challenges. 

However, knowing your business chart will give you an extra layer of information when it comes to your long-term plans.

It’ll also help with marketing, and understanding what kinds of activities and opportunities will be most impactful. 

Importantly, it helps you to understand and conceptualise your business as a separate entity with its own motivations and objectives. 

Although you have a personal brand, you’ve also created a business that exists outside of you – just like a child…

… And it has its own way of being in the world.

It’s critical to understand this so you can help your business achieve its full potential. 

🔎 Want to explore your business’s chart with me as your guide? 

Book a Cosmic Business Breakthrough Session to unpack it all together and gain clarity and insights into your next steps. 


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