Ep 59: Creating a cosmic customer experience with Gisell Paula

Want to know one of the biggest costs in your business? 💸

👉 It’s customer acquisition – AKA finding and signing up new customers.

But how do you look after those customers once they’ve bought from you? 

How do you keep them happy and coming back for more so you get the best return on your investment?

That’s what today’s guest – Gisell Paula – is an expert in. 

Gisell helps small businesses create human-centric strategies that improve the customer experience and create intentional business growth. 

As she says, no testimonial is as powerful for repeat business as a good customer experience.

In this episode of the Cosmic Business Breakthrough, Gisell and I build on the astro-powered customer research prompts I gave you in episode 55, to help you create a powerful and satisfying customer experience.

🎧 Listen now to find out:

💫 How to deepen your bonds and trust with existing customers to turn them into evangelists who spread positive word-of-mouth referrals.

💫 The connection between Gisell’s strong Virgo energy and her business – how it plays to her specific strengths and potential.

💫 The five types of customer values and how to apply these to your business right now using the power of astrology. 

In this episode, Gisell shows us how important it is to deliver on the promises we make in our marketing, as well as the potential impact of customer experience on business growth. 

She stresses the importance of empathy, good communication, and going above and beyond to create exceptional, satisfying experiences for our customers. 

And, she’s built on my astro-powered AI prompts to create a super valuable free resource for you.

(Trust me, this is next level 🙌)

👉 Discover what actions will delight your customers and boost your business with the Astro-Powered AI Customer Experience Toolkit.

☝️ This toolkit will help you leverage the power of astrology and AI to get out of the endless sales cycle by making customer experience your competitive advantage. ☝️

As always, we’d love to know what you think and if this episode is helpful for you. Please email me or tag me @sophiapallas or Gisell @getscrategy on Instagram.


Gisell Paula is the creative and strategic business partner service business owners have been waiting for. She does away with stiff systems and swaps them out with human-centric strategies to create intentional business growth. 

Gisell is a certified leader who shepherds critical rebrands and business transformations for both small agencies and enterprise organizations and looks to make the world a more equitable place by helping businesses scale their impact.

Her website is getscrategy.com. You can find her on Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok @getscrategy.

Get her free lesson on delivering value when building your customer experience HERE.

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