Ep 63: Embracing Chiron for business growth with Kristy Gray

Today on the podcast, I’ve brought back one of my favourite guests – astrologer Kristy Gray – to help us navigate one of the most tender astrological placements. 

The asteroid, Chiron. 

Chiron, in Greek mythology, is known as the wounded healer. 

He was a centaur who possessed the ability to heal others but struggled to heal himself. 

In our natal charts, Chiron represents how we can turn our pain into power, embrace our shadow self, and confront our limiting beliefs. 

As Kristy says: “It acts as a key to unlock our soul’s lessons and potential”.

Listen to the episode now:

In this vulnerable conversation, Kristy shares that she didn’t fully grasp the importance of Chiron until she experienced a life-altering transit. 

It was during this time she realised Chiron was the missing piece in her life and her astrology practice. 

With Chiron conjunct her Midheaven in the 10th House, which represents her public image and career, Kristy navigated various challenges and traumas that impacted both her personal and business life.

In 2020, Kristy’s Chiron transit coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic and family issues resurfacing. She found herself in a state of emotional turmoil and even faced a health scare. 

Through her exploration of Chiron with the guidance of experts like Melanie Reinhardt, she began to understand the deeper connections between her health, family bonds, and business. 

Kristy’s journey with Chiron helped her make sense of her experiences and find healing through self-acceptance.

And as she delved deeper into her understanding of Chiron, she realised the importance of vulnerability and authenticity in her business. 

She initially resisted fully embracing astrology as her life’s purpose. However, after her Chiron awakening, she decided to fully own her gift and dedicate herself to astrology. 

By integrating her unique way of working with the stars, Kristy’s business flourished, and her confidence as an astrologer grew.

What I hope you take away from this episode is that when we embrace the more difficult archetypes in our charts – we tap into our true power. 

Kristy’s journey shows us how acknowledging and accepting your wounds and experiences allow you to serve others authentically. 

By owning her wounded healer archetype, Kristy found her unique voice, which transformed her business and allowed her to make a profound impact.

🎧 Listen now to hear Kristy’s story and find out more about what embracing Chiron could do for you and your business.

If you stay until the end you’ll also hear Kristy’s thoughts on how Chiron can impact you when you have it placed in other key parts of your chart. 

She even gives me a major ‘aha’ moment about how Chiron shows up for me. 

Listen and continue the conversation on Instagram by tagging me @sophiapallas and Kristy @kristygray__.


Kristy is an Astrologer from the Gold Coast. Her career started in Learning and Development in the beauty industry, working for the likes of Clinique and global beauty giant Sephora. A passion for developing people and brands blossomed into a 10-year career. Yet, attending another leadership course or picking up the latest self-help book had lost its spark. Something was missing. 

In 2018, she found herself seated in front of an award-winning Astrologer who became her mentor, gifting her a profound understanding of herself and her circumstances, something she couldn’t articulate on her own. 

Five years on, Kristy has become one of Australia’s leading Astrologers. Through her signature formula Astrostrategy®, Kristy combines essential tools, profound insights, and empowering actions to help you reach for the stars and attain your desires. Her vision is to make the power of astrology accessible, demystifying this cosmic language. When she’s not stargazing, you’ll find her at the beach, fantasy novel and green juice in hand.

Find out more about Kristy and her services at kristygray.com.

The book Kristy mentions is Chrion and the Healing Journey by Melanie Reinhardt.

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