Ep 70: Cosmic tips to nail your marketing plan in 2024

Welcome to 2024! 

With Mercury out of retrograde and Mars in its superpowered position in Capricorn right now until mid-February…

It’s time to get down to business. 

In fact, it’s the perfect time to plan your year and tackle the things you’ve put in the too-hard basket…

That’s why in today’s podcast episode, I want to explore how aligning your marketing activities with cosmic events can give your strategy a powerful boost. 

We’ll discuss three ways to harness the energy of the cosmos and align it with your 2024 marketing plan for maximum impact.

**A reminder that I’m running a 2024 Cosmic Business Forecast Event on Friday, January 19. 

This is where I’ll take you through all the major cosmic events of the year so you can optimise your activities in line with astrological energy. 

To access it, all you have to do is register and you can join live or watch the replay for free.

The link to register is sophiapallas.com/2024-forecast.**

2024 Forecast event

🎧 Listen to this week’s episode of Cosmic Business Breakthrough to find out:

🪐 How cosmic events in general can influence marketing and business activities – and what to look out for.

🪐 How to align your 2024 marketing plan with your specific astrological energy. This is the GOLD of working with astrology in business.

🪐 How to work with retrograde energy for reflection and revision (and why you shouldn’t launch anything NEW at these times). 

Want to take this further and work with me on your marketing strategy for the year? 

Book a Cosmic Business Strategic Intensive here: https://bookme.name/sophiapallas/cosmic-breakthrough-day


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