Ep 67: Cosmic Wrap-Up – End of year reflections and a sneak peek into 2024

It’s hard to believe it’s the end of the year…

It feels like only weeks ago that I was telling you about the birth of baby Fernando… 👶

Or letting you know how the wedding went… 💞

YES, both of those huge, beautiful things happened in my life this year.

And yet, 2023 also felt like a very destabilising year on other fronts. 

In this week’s podcast episode, I review the astrology we experienced this year and some energetic reasons why the second half of the year has felt so challenging. 

**I do know this 2023 reflections ep is coming out a month early – that’s because I’m doing a 3rd HUGE thing this year and taking the whole family on a trip to Colombia in December.

This will be my husband’s first Christmas with his family in over 15 years and they are all beside themselves with excitement to meet the baby and the big kids for the first time… 🥰

Wish me luck taking the baby on planes for 25+ hours 😱**

🎧 Listen now to hear a wrap-up of the big astrological moments of the year and my personal reflections: 

In this episode, I also give a sneak peek of the big astro energy to be aware of in 2024, like:

🪐 Pluto returning to Aquarius and what this might mean for the power of AI…

🪐 Jupiter moving into Gemini and a communication or online learning expansion….

🪐 And another Mars retrograde that could have us re-doing some business projects and resetting our visibility goals….

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So that link again is sophiapallas.com/2024-forecast.

I am sending you so much love as we wind down 2023. 

May we all find the compassion we need for each other and hug our loved ones all a little tighter whenever we can. 

See you next year!

*CORRECTION* At the end of the episode, I mistakenly say Mars will be going retrograde in Capricorn – it’s actually going retrograde in Leo and Cancer (but it will be happening in Capricorn season). 

Watch or listen to the podcast episode on my YouTube channel here:
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