Ep 5: Energy first, strategy second with Lauren White 

Want to know how to attract better clients and make more money? 

Lean into your energy FIRST, says Lauren White – the world’s foremost Confidante for female founders.

Lauren works with accomplished leaders and entrepreneurs who want to embody the new femme waves of pleasure, power and Authority in their business, brand, and bedroom with precision in total luxury. 

And she’s my coach. ✨🙌 

In this juicy interview with Lauren we explore her mantra, “energy first, strategy second” – how this works and why I love that it so closely aligns with the work I do as an astrologer for business

We even dive into key parts of Lauren’s astrology chart and the things that led her to the business she has today. 

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More about Lauren:

Lauren White is the creatrix of Lauren White Confidante, the proud owner of the rarest of the Myers-Briggs personalities (INFJ), a Manifesting Generator and ex-registered nurse who earned her stripes in a methadone clinic. A qualified counsellor and sexologist, she spent 8 years helping women to cultivate a better libido before hanging up her sexologist hat and fully stepping into the role she’s always not-so-secretly inhabited – Confidante.

With 3 degrees behind her, Lauren has turned her love of women’s personal stories and most private admissions into a proven framework that activates leaders to turn on to embody their Authority Energy in and out of the business, brand and bedroom.

She’s the host of The Secrets Women Keep podcast and is a regular podcast guest around the world that has contributed words both spoken and written in Australian media outlets.

She will be your fiercest ally, your biggest cheerleader, and your most trustworthy truth-teller. And she’ll do it all with heartfelt sincerity, her signature laugh and even a celebratory dance.


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