Ep 6: Create more flow in your week using astrological magic

⚡ Following today’s podcast tip will fundamentally CHANGE your working week… ⚡

Ever wondered why you feel a bit all over the place on a Monday, or why you can get so much more done on Thursdays? 

Why do some days feel ‘in flow and on fire’, and other days you feel busy and a bit frantic?

If you’ve noticed this playing out during your week, I want to share a practice that can help you feel more connected to a natural rhythm.

It’s time to learn about planning your week with astrology. 😉✨

But first, I want to put this in the context of the way we work as online business owners and freelancers in general… 

Something I learned a few years ago was to theme my days to focus on key business activities.

For example, ‘Money Mondays’ where you work on finances and admin, while ‘Work-it Wednesday’ is solely focused on client work/calls. 

Planning your week with astrology – by honoring the planetary rulers – just takes this a step further and taps into some powerful energy to give each day a bit of a boost.

Listen to find out how the planets govern each day … and ask yourself the question:

“What magic might happen in my business if I worked with the cosmic energy to make my days and weeks flow a little easier?”

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I’m an astrologer, copywriter, and intuitive launch coach who helps online entrepreneurs connect deeply with their soul purpose and innate communication style to create magic in their businesses.

While I have more than 15 years’ experience helping big brands with PR, marketing, and sales copy – I also have a secret weapon...

I tap into the ancient wisdom of astrology to create more powerful, aligned messaging that feels completely in tune with YOU.



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