Ep 93: Self-care for entrepreneurs via your Moon sign

Today, we’re diving into a topic that can make a HUGE difference to your experience in online business – how to practice self-care based on your Moon sign. 

Understanding your Moon sign’s unique needs means you can support your emotional well-being and therefore enhance your business success.

In this episode, I walk you through some personalised entrepreneur self-care practices that’ll help you align with your inner self, plus:

👉 Signs you could be neglecting your Moon …

👉 Examples of what it looks like to care for yourself using your Moon sign as a guide. 

👉 A simple practice to help you connect with your best self-care rituals – right now. 

Here’s what you need to know:

When you cater to your Moon sign’s needs, you create a foundation of emotional well-being that supports your business.

🎧 Listen/watch now for a breakdown on entrepreneur self-care for all 12 Moon signs

YouTube video
Don’t have time to watch? Here’s a summary of each of the Moon signs:

Aries Moon:

Thrives on excitement and physical activity.

Recommended self-care: high-intensity workouts, spontaneous adventures, and dynamic activities.

Taurus Moon:

Needs comfort, luxury, and sensory experiences.

Recommended self-care: massages, enjoying good food, creating a pleasant environment, and spending time in nature.

Gemini Moon:

Requires mental stimulation and social interaction.

Recommended self-care: networking, joining book clubs, engaging in diverse conversations, and breath work.

Cancer Moon:

Seeks emotional security and a nurturing environment.

Recommended self-care: cozy spaces, journaling, connecting with loved ones, gentle yoga, and hydration.

Leo Moon:

Values self-expression and creative outlets.

Recommended self-care: artistic activities, being witnessed in creative endeavors, running events, and performing arts.

Virgo Moon:

Prefers organization and practical routines.

Recommended self-care: structured daily routines, mindfulness, decluttering, focusing on health, and breath work.

Libra Moon:

Desires harmony, balance, and aesthetics.

Recommended self-care: surrounding with beauty, creative activities like mindful coloring, gentle stretching, and partnerships.

Scorpio Moon:

Emphasises depth and transformation.

Recommended self-care: deep conversations, shadow work, journaling, breath work, and water-based activities.

Sagittarius Moon:

Needs adventure and exploration.

Recommended self-care: travel, learning opportunities, hiking, outdoor sports, and engaging in new experiences.

Capricorn Moon:

Focuses on structure and achievement.

Recommended self-care: setting goals, realistic schedules, strength training, and grounding activities.

Aquarius Moon:

Enjoys social connection and innovation.

Recommended self-care: community projects, workshops, conferences, mindfulness, and activities involving the ankles.

Pisces Moon:

Prizes compassion and spiritual practices.

Recommended self-care: meditation, creative projects, nature activities, spiritual retreats, and relaxation techniques.


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