Ep 91: Find your business passion with Venus in your astrology chart [All 12 signs]

Ever wondered why some parts of your business light you up and others leave you feeling drained? 

It’s time to uncover your business passions by looking at Venus in your astrology chart.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and what you value most

But did you know that Venus also plays a crucial role in helping you find your business passion? 

In this podcast episode, I give you a breakdown of Venus through all 12 zodiac signs and what this might mean about your specific passions in business. 

Once you know this, you can amplify it for more joy, fulfillment, and even better cash flow in your business.Β 

🎧 Listen now to see what your Venus placement reveals about your business passions

Don’t know where your Venus is?Β Watch this video to set up a free astrology chart.

Here’s a summary of each of the Venus signs:

β™ˆ Venus in Aries: Passionate about excitement, innovation, and creativity. Thrives on starting new projects, bold risks, and competition.

♉ Venus in Taurus: Drawn to stability and luxury. Enjoys creating high-quality, enduring products and values sensory experiences.

β™Š Venus in Gemini: Excited about communication and variety. Loves networking, teaching, and intellectually stimulating work. Flexible and adaptable.

β™‹ Venus in Cancer: Passionate about nurturing and caring for others. Focuses on creating a sense of home and emotional security for clients.

β™Œ Venus in Leo: Drawn to creativity and self-expression. Enjoys being in the spotlight, showcasing talents, and inspiring others with confidence and charisma.

♍ Venus in Virgo: Passionate about service and improvement. Values precision, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence in business.

β™Ž Venus in Libra: Thrives on harmony and beauty. Enjoys activities involving aesthetics, partnerships, and social connections.

♏ Venus in Scorpio: Passionate about depth and transformation. Enjoys exploring the mysteries of life and helping others undergo profound changes.

♐ Venus in Sagittarius: Passionate about adventure and knowledge. Loves exploring new horizons and sharing discoveries, with interests in education and travel.

β™‘ Venus in Capricorn: Passionate about achievement and structure. Values clear goals, long-term planning, and building something of lasting value.

β™’ Venus in Aquarius: Drawn to innovation and social change. Enjoys thinking outside the box and promoting progressive ideas in business.

β™“ Venus in Pisces: Passionate about compassion and creativity. Thrives in businesses involving the arts, spirituality, and helping others in meaningful ways.

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