Ep 29: Discover your best launch style using astrology

I’ve been working with people on their online launches – mostly in the course and coaching space – for 5+ years now and I’ve watched all sorts of strategies and tactics come and go.

One thing that doesn’t change:

You need to know what you’re selling and you have to completely believe in the transformation you’re offering. 

Working with astrology can’t necessarily do this (on its own), but it CAN give you some pinpoint guidance on what strategies or approaches will come most easily for you when you’re launching. 

(And the things that might be a little more challenging…)

🎧 Listen to this episode to uncover your best launch style using astrology:

I’ve been talking about this idea of conscious visibility on social media lately

This is where you get to know yourself and what will work best for you, rather than following someone else’s template for a “successful launch”. 

Because everyone has a different tolerance for how ‘salesy’ they feel they can be.

And everyone will have different tolerance for how vulnerable or spontaneous they feel they can be. 

Some people will enjoy the adrenaline rush and the interactivity of running a live event like a webinar or a challenge (and potentially even writing their sales copy as they go to feel into the moment).

Some people will want to keep things simple, low-tech, and as pre-planned or prepared as possible. 

And that’s totally OK.

In this episode, we’ll unpack what you need to know about your launch style and visibility via your astrology chart.

But before we start thinking about visibility, it’s important to understand what we *need* to be at our best for the launch period. 

  1. How do you need to be supported and how do you emotionally express yourself? You can find this via your Moon sign.

Once we’ve worked through that, we can find out:

  1. How do you let your light shine? Your Rising Sign AND your Sun sign will give you insight into this.

Then we need to know how you best get your point across:

  1. What’s the planet Mercury up to in your chart? 

What I want you to take away from this short and sweet episode is that YOU get to choose what feels best to you during a launch. 

That’s always going to work better than trying to copy someone else.

Does that mean you give up halfway through when it’s not “working”? 


Working with conscious visibility means you design your launch the way you want it to look and then you follow through. 

Because if there’s one thing that will kill your launch it’s this >>

… Giving up. 

It’s a scary process to put your product or service out there and wait and see if anyone’s going to buy. 

But if you don’t see your launch through until the end, you’ll never know. 

And you won’t have the lessons for next time. 

Want to plan your best launch yet? It’s time to book your 1:1 session for some expert cosmic business advice.


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