Ep 30: Love notes, planets, and business support – a special interview with Carlos

You’re in for a treat today… 😉

I’m bringing the delicious tones of a native Spanish speaker who’s also a true romantic straight to your earbuds. 💖

Carlos is the kind of guy I didn’t believe existed until he walked into my life one sunny day in August 2021.

Now we’re planning our wedding and expecting a baby in the next few months. 😱

Delicious Colombian accents and cute romantic gestures aside… 

… what this conversation is really about is how knowing more about each other through astrology has not only strengthened our bond but also allowed us to support each other so much more in life and business.

In this juicy and doors-wide-open episode, Carlos and I talk about:

✨ How we met and what we really think about the new ‘rules’ of online dating 🐟

✨ How we support each other through our understanding of our astrology charts and ourselves more generally.

✨ The light and the shadow sides of our relationship as reflected in our combined charts.

✨ How we spiritually reconnect and recharge ourselves so we can be better in life and business.

✨ A special story about love notes and words of affirmation… 💖

✨ Understanding how your Mars interacts with your partner’s and what you can do to activate this powerful physical 🔥 energy in your relationship.

✨ A big tip for anyone out there online dating – don’t do this because it could potentially rule out ‘the one’.

I invite you to listen to this conversation and see what you feel about how you relate in relationships.

The quality of your relationships and how well supported you feel have a huge effect on your business success.

Is there an opportunity to go deeper, to connect more, or to support each other more when you know more about where your ‘other half’ is coming from?

Carlos and I are definitely not perfect. We both have our quirks and our wounds that we’ve worked on and continue to uncover and work on in our relationship…

But knowing more about each other through the lens of astrology has up-leveled the ways we relate as a couple and the types of support we are able to give and receive.

Listen now and let us know what you think – tag me on Instagram @sophiapallas with any reflections. ❤️

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