Ep 65: Mars and your best business strategy

Today we’re going back to the planet Mars for a deeper dive into our best business strategies. 

In astrology, Mars represents our action-taking abilities. 

It’s our motivation, our drive, and our energy. 🔥

That means, the Zodiac sign of Mars in your chart is going to reflect the ways you do business.

And, if you work intentionally with Mars as your overarching business strategy, you’ll be aligned with how you naturally want to move and shake as an entrepreneur.

This might not be the same approach you’ve been taught to follow but it’s going to be more true to you.

🎧 Listen now to hear a breakdown of Mars in all 12 signs and get some ideas for your best business strategies.

You’ll find out:

💫 Why innovation and initiation are key for certain signs while others should focus on building a reliable, solid foundation.

💫 Which zodiac signs should emphasise connection and collaboration as part of their strategy. 

💫 Which signs are suited to the stage and showcasing their individuality or wisdom through their business strategy. 

And, if you’d like more insights into how to work with Mars in your business – check out Episode #9 of the podcast. 

Want to explore this part of your chart more deeply in a 1-on-1 session with me? Click HERE to book.


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