Ep 18: Feeling scattered? Mars retrograde energy is tricky – here’s why

Feeling scattered? Maybe a bit lethargic? 

Got a lot going on but not making much ‘real’ progress? 

It could be because Mars is now retrograde in Gemini… 

Let’s unpack this today. 📦📦📦

Mars moved into Gemini in August, and in this zodiac sign – Mars is quite curious. 

It’s got a lot of ideas on the go (sometimes a few too many…😳) 

Mars is also going to be moving backward (or at least that’s what it will look like from our perspective here on Earth) from now until mid-January 2023.

👉 This is likely to impact what you can do or complete in your business.

Basically when a planet goes retrograde (particularly Mars) we can feel like we’re moving 3 steps forward, 2 steps back.

Or we may have to re-do things a few times…

In my opinion, retrograde energy is something you can embrace in your business to refine what you want to be DOING. 

Mars is a DOING energy so we’re going to be reconsidering how we expend our energy in our businesses. 

Mars is related to our ability to focus, so when it’s retrograde (particularly in a sign like Gemini where it likes to do lots of things) you can have a lot of difficulty focusing your energy.

You might also notice more frustration and fatigue – especially if you have strong Mars energy or a Mars-ruled chart. 

However, when Mars goes direct in mid-January, it’ll start moving forward quite quickly. 

This means you may be able to get a flurry of things done at once, so it could be good to plan for a more active January-February 2023.

This retrograde energy will strongly affect people with Mars-ruled charts – that’s Aries and Scorpio Rising.

It will also significantly impact those who have Gemini Rising because it’s happening in your 1st house of identity

🎧 Listen now to find out what this means and what you can do during this trickier retrograde period.

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