Ep 14: Saturn and your BIG lessons in business

It’s time to talk about one of those more ‘tricky’ or potentially challenging planets for your business…


Saturn is our teacher planet.

This is the planet we learn our rules and regulations from. It’s where we get our boundaries and our limits. 

And it’s where we learn some BIG life lessons. 

Saturn has been in Aquarius since the end of 2020, and it’s doing its final tour of the sign over the next few months before it moves into Pisces from the start of March 2023.

In this podcast episode, we specifically look at what Saturn teaches you when it moves through your key ‘work houses’ – the 2nd, 6th, 7th and 10th

(N.B. I’ve added the 7th house as a bonus because it’s very important for us service providers). 

Globally, Saturn in Aquarius has been teaching us some big lessons about institutional rules and radical change, technology, and humanitarianism. 

We’ve been forced to confront social justice, climate, and political issues that have been kept under the rug for a long time. 

We’ve also had to confront the ways we use technology and social media in our lives and businesses.

In many cases, we’ve had to realise these systems need boundaries and regulations too if we’re going to use them effectively for the long term. 

👉 Wherever Saturn is placed (or transiting through) in your chart, it’s encouraging you to look for commitment and longevity. 

This planet is not about quick wins – it’s helping you play the long game, which is why it’s such an important one to look to in our businesses

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