Ep 73: Uncover the theme of your year with Annual Profections

Did you know every year of your life corresponds to a specific set of topics in your birth chart?

And you can unlock those topics or themes to help you understand what’s happening or what’s likely to come up for you throughout the year.

In today’s podcast episode, we’re going to explore an astrological technique called Annual Profections.

Working with Annual Profections involves assigning each year of a person’s life to a house in their birth chart, known as the “profected house”.

It’s kind of like moving your Rising Sign forward every birthday.

Annual Profections and the theme of your year

The concept is based on the idea that certain themes and experiences are emphasised during different periods of life, depending on the house that’s activated for a particular year.

I find this so powerful in helping me and my clients to understand the theme of the year that we’re in and to be prepared for some key issues that might arise in our lives and businesses.

And because it corresponds to the 12 houses of the chart, it means we can track our themes in 12-year cycles.

Think back to 12 years ago and whether something similar was happening in your life to what’s happening right now…

… I always find this spookily insightful.

Whether it’s matters of the heart, career aspirations, or personal growth, the profected house you’re in shows you the cosmic themes that’ll be in the spotlight during the year.

🎧 Listen to this week’s episode to find out:

💫 How to work with this technique to uncover the big issues or themes for you in 2024 and even into 2025.

💫 What each of the 12 Annual Profection years is all about and how to work with or make the most of them.

💫 How to take this practice even deeper and get to know the ruling planet or ‘timelord’ of your year as well.

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🌠 My Bonus Workshop on Annual Profections: This will give you a deeper understanding of the theme and ruling planet of your year, adding an extra layer of insight to your plan.

Ready to dive in?

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