Ep 72: Your 2024 Cosmic Business Forecast

Earlier this month, I ran my Cosmic Business Forecast Event and it was so juicy I had to share it with you on the podcast too… 

Today’s episode is an edited recording of my 2024 business astrology forecast where I covered the big cosmic shifts of the year, like:

🪐 Pluto’s move into Aquarius and how that could impact the use of technology like AI…

🪐 The spicy, stretchy, and electric combination of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus…

🪐 What Jupiter in Gemini could mean for communication and online learning…

🪐 How Mars might help or hinder our business progress this year…


🎧 Listen now to get your 2024 business astrology forecast and learn how to work with the energy for more satisfying results. 

Speaking of getting better results, it’s time to talk about your plan for the year.

I’ve been working on something exciting behind the scenes for a while now…

… And it’s going to help you map out a year in business that feels aligned and powerful, so you can amplify your success in 2024.

Hang around to the end of the episode to hear more about this game-changing system designed to align your big goals, your workflow, and your marketing schedule with your astrology chart.

Want the details now? Here’s the link you need 👇👇

The Cosmic Business Breakthrough Plan

The Cosmic Business Breakthrough Plan is not just a planner – it’s a strategic companion to connect your business efforts with cosmic energy. 

Because by doing this, you’ll tap into a unique source of inspiration and guidance that helps you expand into the possibilities of the year.

But this isn’t just about mysticism – it’s about tangible results.

As both an astrologer AND a business strategist, I make sure the cosmic wisdom translates into actionable steps, so you can optimise your marketing and launch plans for real, measurable success.

When you sign up for The Cosmic Business Breakthrough Plan you’ll get:

📋 A 28-Page Cosmic Planner

This meticulously crafted planner blends earthy strategy with cosmic insight. As well as helping you refine your goals for the year, this planner will guide you to personalise your plan for your Rising Sign so you know how the planetary movements will impact you.

💫 Quarterly Astrology Activation Calls

These powerful quarterly group calls will guide you through the practical implications of cosmic energy on your business strategy. I’ll give you even more actionable insights for tangible results.

🔥 Bonus Workshop to Uncover the Theme of Your Year

You also get access to a 90-minute workshop to help you understand the theme and ruling planet of your year. You’ll learn how to work with Annual Profections – adding an extra layer of depth and insight to your plan.

Let me show you how to:

💃 Supercharge your business planning using astrology and maximise the success of your online events and promotions.

💃 Work with the cosmic energy of your birth chart in a practical way so you feel less stressed and more in flow.

💃 Understand the effect key planet movements will have on you so you can optimise your business activities in alignment with them.

You’ll finally figure out how you can put the energy to work FOR you, instead of pushing up against it.

Ready to dive in?

>> Get The Cosmic Business Breakthrough Plan here. <<


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**If you’re more of a visual person and you’d like to get the extended VIDEO recording of the forecast so you can follow along with my slides – sign up here:

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