Ep 45: 3 reasons astrology is the smartest tool you can use in your business

Is astrology really too woo-woo for business? Think again!

I’m debunking this myth and revealing why astrology is the smartest tool you can use to create a soul-aligned business.

And, if you only listen to ONE episode of Cosmic Business Breakthrough – this is it. 

I’ve recorded this episode because I’ve been reminded that astrology still has a bad rap for being too impractical or “woo woo” to work with in business. 

I know there can be some confusion about astrology and that people are unaware of its benefits in business.

I’ve also heard things like Human Design, “is more accessible and practical than astrology”. 

Or that it feels more “scientific”. 

First of all, I have a lot of respect for people who work with Human Design as a tool for business.

But I’m going out on a limb today to explain why I believe astrology is THE SMARTEST tool you can use if you’re looking to create a business that feels aligned with your soul. 

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Astrology benefits your business in these ways:
  1. Astrology has been used for thousands of years to help run empires

It’s not a “new trend” or something that’s only just appeared in the past couple of decades

The effect of the planets on our everyday lives has been well documented for THOUSANDS of years. 

You can see clear correlations between certain planetary configurations and world events. As well as events in the lives of individuals.

  1. Astrology will help you uncover your biggest opportunities as well as your biggest blocks

In the 20th century, the famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung used astrology to help inform his practice

This is what led us into psychological astrology or using astrology to understand ourselves and help us to self-actualise. 

Because of this, astrology is one of the most practical and efficient psychological tools you can use for personal and professional growth. 

You don’t need to spend hours in therapy to uncover your strengths and challenges if you can find and interpret them clearly in your birth chart. 

  1. Astrology can help you develop a highly-personalised and effective business and marketing strategy 

You don’t need to be spiritual or “woo woo” for it to work. 

Just like another language or code, an astrology chart can look complex or confusing at first. Because that’s exactly what it is – a language that needs a good interpreter.

When you interpret and decode your own story, you can work with key elements of your birth chart to create a business and brand that stands out – one that is completely unique to you.

There’s no need for you to have a cookie-cutter business approach.

You can craft something that’ll suit you BEST and feel most aligned with your energy and personality.

This isn’t just about marketing for your Generator/ Mani-Gen/Projector energy type (although those things are still awesome to know). 

The deeper you go into astrology the more nuanced and personalised you’ll get. 

🎧 Listen to the full episode for more and let me know what you think.

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While I have more than 15 years’ experience helping big brands with PR, marketing, and sales copy – I also have a secret weapon...

I tap into the ancient wisdom of astrology to create more powerful, aligned messaging that feels completely in tune with YOU.



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