Ep 90: Uplevel your business money story using astrology – with Sarah Mac

Did you know your money story and how you relate to your self-worth are embedded in your astrology chart?

Better yet – you can work with your birth chart to help you write a new story and uplevel your money mindset to attract better cash flow and clients into your business…

💸 🪐 That’s why we’re talking about astrology and money in today’s podcast episode with special guest – Sarah Mac

Sarah Mac is a Writer & Creative Business Mentor who works with coaches, healers, and artist-entrepreneurs who are ready for 6-figure years, more freedom and fun in life and business. 

She supports creatives to sell high-ticket coaching offers and digital courses and attract dream clients on repeat by sharing their authentic stories online. 

Sarah came to astrology a few years ago and like me, she hasn’t looked back. 

In addition to helping her clients create powerful copywriting with their astrology charts, she also helps them unlock and rewrite their beliefs about money. 

But while she’s got healthy cash flow in her business now, money didn’t always come easily to Sarah.

🎧 In this must-watch / listen episode you’ll find out:

💸 Sarah’s money journey from $5 copywriting jobs on Fiverr.com, to becoming a 6-figure coach.

💸 Where to look in your astrology chart for insights into your money story and what you need to address for greater abundance. 

💸 A simple 6-minute ritual to help money flow more easily through your life and business.

Listen now and tell us your aha moments on Instagram by tagging me @sophiapallas and Sarah @creativemagicclub.

Find out more about Sarah Mac and her work here:

Creative Magic Club Podcast – https://withsarahmac.com/creativemagicclub/

Money Making Content with Astrology Reading  – https://withsarahmac.thrivecart.com/astro-offer/

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While I have more than 15 years’ experience helping big brands with PR, marketing, and sales copy – I also have a secret weapon...

I tap into the ancient wisdom of astrology to create more powerful, aligned messaging that feels completely in tune with YOU.



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