Ep 37: Dressing for your cosmic style with Ariel Catalasan

If you’re in online business, there’s a good chance you’ve had a professional photoshoot for your website or social media presence. 

And, one of the trickiest parts of that process is actually choosing what to wear… 😨😨😨

… or knowing how to present yourself in a way that truly reflects your ‘personal style’. 

That’s why I was so excited to talk to today’s podcast guest Ariel Catalasan – a personal stylist, confidence coach, and astrologer – about dressing for your star sign.

Ariel helps ambitious, heart-centered leaders and visionaries feel seen, loved, and understood so they can confidently embody their soul purpose and legacy. 

She’s amazing at incorporating elements of your key star signs into your personal style for more confidence and magnetism in business.

In this juicy and not to be missed episode, Ariel talks about:

💫 How she integrates astrology into her styling and she gives me some killer tips on dressing for my key zodiac signs. 

💫 How you can work with the energy of certain signs in your outfit choices and what to consider when it comes to dressing for your photoshoot. 

💫 Using photoshoots as an act of self-love and a way of manifesting your next level of business success. 

Ariel is a ☀️ Leo Sun, 🌜 Scorpio Moon, and 🌄 Capricorn Rising – and she manages to incorporate all of these so well in her own personal style.

She has such a compassionate, spiritual approach to styling that focuses on helping her clients transform from the inside out. 

Her goal is to help them embody their inner power, fall more in love with themselves, and embrace their truest self-expression. 

By combining her gifts of personal styling, astrology, and confidence coaching, Ariel creates empowering experiences that nurture self-love and catalyze powerful identity shifts. 

Her clients learn style can be used as a tool for self-empowerment instead of shame, shedding stories that have held back their self-expression for far too long. 

Through a co-creative process, they dress to claim their higher-self identity and celebrate themselves fully. 💃💃💃

🎧 Listen now and let us know what you think by tagging me @sophiapallas and @ariel.britney on Instagram. 

Want to watch instead of just listening? Check out the YouTube version of this podcast here and subscribe to my channel 👇👇👇

YouTube video

You can listen to more of Ariel’s cosmic styling tips on her podcast Dress To Manifest. 

And check out all her amazing content on Pinterest @arielbritneystyle


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