Ep 36: Using oracle cards to amplify business astrology with Kathryn Hocking

I don’t know about you, but I love a good oracle card or tarot spread to give me a bit of inspiration, motivation, and clarity for the day.

That’s why I was so excited to welcome today’s podcast guest – who has just released a world-first business astrology oracle deck.

This deck of 62 cards is beautiful, stunningly presented, and the guidebook is simple but super comprehensive.

Its creator – business astrologer and astrology teacher Kathryn Hocking helps businesswomen align their businesses to their soul calling and launch their work into the world in a soulful, strategic, and sustainable way.

Kathryn’s focus is on teaching a new generation of entrepreneurs the art of business astrology so they can be more aligned and go deeper with their own clients using astrology.

🎧 Listen now and let us know what you think by tagging me @sophiapallas and @kathryn_hocking on Instagram.

In this episode you’ll find out:

🌜The interesting twists and turns of Kathryn’s business journey and how she ended up being a bit of a ‘black sheep’ in her family. 😲

🌜The biggest lesson or ‘aha’ moment she’s had about herself via her own astrology chart.

🌜 A deep dive into what’s involved in creating an oracle deck and the amazing benefits of using one in your business.

🌜 The incredible business insights you can get from understanding more about your astrology (including reading the chart for your business).

Want to actually see what the oracle deck looks like? Check out the YouTube version of this podcast 👇👇👇

YouTube video

Click here to register your interest in the next pre-order of Kathryn’s Business Astrology Oracle Deck.

Kathryn also delivers a high-quality and practical business astrology certification through her Business Astrology Academy – find out more here.


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