Ep 39: Preparing for baby land… A personal update

OK, this is a bit of a different episode…

If you’ve been listening to or following me for a while you might know that 2023 has already been quite a BIG year for me, and it’s about to get bigger. 

In just under a week from when this episode airs, I’m having a baby. 

It’s not my first baby. It’s actually my 3rd. 

But this time around everything is quite different. 

If you’ve listened to my Uranus transit episode you’ll know that in 2019, my life as I knew it was completely blown open. 

I ended a marriage, sold my house, navigated co-parenting my 2 children with my ex-husband, and began to completely pivot my identity AND business with the help of the wonderful world of astrology. 

Then in 2021, after another hit of Uranus to my ascendant or rising sign degree, I changed my name and serendipitously met an incredible man (featured in episode #30) who is now my husband or ‘esposo’ as they say in Spanish.

We got married in a beautiful garden ceremony a few weeks ago AND we’re about to welcome a new baby to the family. 👶

The upshot of all this?

So many amazing things have changed and unfolded for me since I began following my soul calling with the help of astrology. 

It’s something I use (and aim to embody) every day and it brings so much clarity to my business and personal life. 

🎧 Listen to this personal update to hear how I’m using astrology to help guide me through this transition in life and business.

While I’m away on maternity leave, I’ve got some of my most popular podcast episodes coming back – recast for your listening pleasure – so keep an ear out for those.

And, I’ll be back soon with some exciting new stuff!


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