Episode 24: Your Cosmic Business Forecast for 2023

Welcome to 2023 and your Cosmic Business Forecast! 

I hope you’ve been able to rest and recover from the year that was 2022. 

Now, before we dive into my business astrology forecast for 2023, I want to take a moment to thank you for your amazing support for this podcast since we launched in August. 

It has been such a joy to create this and to get your feedback on the episodes. 

So, I’d love to know if there are any topics you’d like me to cover this year. 

Please reach out to me via Instagram or email me hello[at]sophiapallas.com with any thoughts or requests. 

Alright, let’s get into it!

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Overall, 2023 has a distinctly different vibe compared with the previous 2 years.

That’s because of some exciting planetary shifts:

  • We’re going to see expansive Jupiter move quite quickly – lighting up 2 areas of our charts (Aries and Taurus) in exciting ways. 
  • Saturn will move into watery, mystical Pisces after its intense stint in analytical Aquarius.
  • Outer planet Pluto will make a significant sign change after MANY years of hanging out in Capricorn.
  • Then we’ve got an interesting Venus retrograde to make us rethink our relationships and values from July to September.
  • PLUS the nodes of the Moon are shifting in the middle of the year from the Taurus-Scorpio axis to Aries-Libra. 

So, let’s dive into what all of this means…

🎧 Listen to this 2023 astrology forecast episode to find out what’s in store and how to work with it in your business. 


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