Ep 23: Letting go of 2022 – Reflections on the year + a clearing meditation

OK, so 2022 didn’t exactly pan out how we expected… Or did it? 

There was still a lot of processing and integrating going on following the events of 2020 and 2021. 

And as a collective, we’ve been facing some very BIG issues.

>> War, climate change, food shortages, floods, fires and earthquakes, political unrest and division, continuing gun violence…

…Not to mention how we navigate life in a post-pandemic world. 😷

This year has felt like A LOT. 

And I think that’s a symptom of the astrological energy we’ve experienced combined with the real-life events that have played out. 

But what about in your business? 

📈 Have you experienced the growth you expected? 

🚪 Have you had any major endings or beginnings this year?

I know that for me, this year has seen some really significant changes in my business (and personal life).

Maybe it has for you as well…?

🎧 Listen to the final episode for 2022 to hear my reflections on the year that was.

✍️ I give you 7 key journaling questions to reflect on for yourself too.

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What to expect in 2023

I have no doubt we’ll experience some major energy shifts in 2023, with outer planets like Saturn and Pluto changing signs. 

Mars will also finally move out of Gemini in March, potentially helping us to get some more focus back (rather than trying to do ALL the things). 

And we’ll have an interesting Venus retrograde to contend with from July to September, helping us to reconsider and reset some relationships and values.

So, I’ll be back very soon to give you the forecast for 2023 (in fact it’s the first episode coming out in January!)

But before we head into that…

Take a moment to reflect and clear out the energy of 2022

At the end of this episode, I’ll take you through a short 5-6 minute meditation to help you to reset and rebalance before you head into 2023. 

Allow yourself these few minutes to acknowledge, thank and clear out everything that’s happened this year. 

I’d love to hear how you go.

And, if you’d like to download the meditation as a track on its own so you can use it again (without having to listen to the whole podcast episode), here’s the link 👇


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