Ep 9: Exploring Mars – Action and energy in your business

Today we’re taking a journey to Mars…

Because Mars is one of the most important planets to consider in your entrepreneurial journey.

>> This is where you get your motivation, your drive, and your action-taking abilities. 

But it’s also where you might come across your frustrations, anger and reactivity. 

Getting to know Mars in your astrology chart is going to have a huge impact on how you do business and how you interact with others. 

In this episode, I have an amazing guest – astrologer Alicia Yusuf – to help explore how Mars can show up for you and your business. 

🎧 Listen now to find out all about Mars and business astrology:

Alicia Yusuf is an astrologer, counsellor, writer and teacher who has a strong interest in understanding and working with the energy of Mars.  

She’s had to contend with A LOT of Mars energy in her own birth chart and it hasn’t always been easy.

But the beauty of working with Mars is that you can activate your special talents and gifts and that’s something Alicia has done through her astrology and counselling work. 

As she explains, she uses her Mars to “cut to the heart of the matter” for people.

👉 That’s certainly something she’s done for me. 

Alicia is someone I have personally worked with to discover more about myself and the way my Mars in Libra operates, which is why I’m so excited to introduce her to you as well.  

In this episode, she helps us understand Mars through all the elements – fire 🔥, earth 🌳, air 🌪️, and water. 💦

We even take a deep dive into the benefits and challenges of specific signs.

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To find out what sign Mars is in your specific birth chart, learn how to set up a free astrology chart here

About Alicia Yusuf:

Alicia’s yearning to understand the human dilemma found the perfect tool in the symbolism of astrology.

In her work as a consulting astrologer, counsellor, writer and teacher, she draws on 16 years’ experience to guide clients and students towards deep understanding and self-acceptance.

Known for her warm, empathetic style and insightful, practical approach, Alicia believes a life self-chosen is a life well-lived and supports clients to consciously navigate their world.

Her specialities are natal, counselling and medical astrology, and she also serves the community on the AFAN Steering Committee. 

Find out more about her consults and classes via her website, Instagram or Facebook.


While you can uncover a lot about your approach to business from learning more about your Mars, you’ll get an even better picture when you put it into the context of your whole birth chart.

That’s exactly what we do in my private 90-minute Cosmic Business Breakthrough sessions.

Here’s the link to book your 1:1 session.

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