Ep 8: Working with the Moon for super-powered online launches

How connected do you feel to the Moon?⁠

The truth is, the Moon is one of the most important planetary objects in astrology because it’s the closest to Earth and therefore has the greatest impact on us.⁠

By following the phases of the Moon, just like many keen gardeners, surfers, and fishing experts do, you can notice cyclical changes and plan your business activities – like launches or promotions – accordingly.⁠

It can help you manage your time and energy, and help you to accept when you can be really productive and visible, and when you need more rest and introspection.⁠

So today’s podcast ep is all about how YOU can work with the Moon to get a bit of an edge in business – and who doesn’t want that?⁠

In this episode, you’ll discover:⁠

🌔 How to work with the New Moon to attract what you want into your business⁠

🌗 The phase of the Moon where the sales potential for your business is likely to be at its strongest⁠

🌕 What I encourage my clients to do on or around the Full Moon

🌘 What you need to know about eclipses (and why it’s best to avoid working with them)

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If you’d like to take this a step further and plan your business activities by aligning with the energy of the Moon AND the rest of the planets 🪐 – book a Cosmic Business Breakthrough Strategy Day.

Together, we’ll set up your offers and launch timings based on your unique chart, so you can have an easeful, productive and profitable year ahead.⁠

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