Ep 34: Kicking imposter syndrome out of your business with psychologist Cass Dunn

We all experience some level of self-doubt in our day-to-day lives…

But there’s a BIG difference between this and the crippling effects of imposter syndrome in business. 

Here are a few ways this might show up for you:

👉 When you achieve success, you believe you “just got lucky” or it was a “fluke”.

👉 You can’t seem to internalise your successes, but you completely internalise your “failures”. 

👉 No matter how successful you become or how much you achieve, it never feels like enough… 

And, all of this leads to overwork, perfectionism, procrastination, hiding out, playing small, and holding back…

Sound familiar? 

Hand up over here… 👋

That’s exactly why I was so excited to chat with today’s podcast guest – psychologist and author Cass Dunn – about the ways we can turn this around and show up more powerfully in our lives and businesses. 

Cass’s work is focused on helping women overcome imposter syndrome so they can be free from overwork, unhealthy perfectionism, people pleasing, and procrastination that comes from not trusting in their inherent self-worth and knowing their value.

Of course, we brought this conversation back to astrology as well!

🎧 Listen now and continue the conversation by tagging me @sophiapallas and @cassdunn_xo over on Instagram.

In this action-packed episode, you’ll find out:

💫 How clearly issues like imposter syndrome show up in Cass’s astrology chart, and why this perfectly links with the kind of work she does with women now.

💫 Why mindset work alone will never be enough to shift imposter syndrome and what to do instead – from both a psychological and astrological perspective.

💫 How the fear of coming across as ‘narcisisistic’ can compound our issues with imposter syndrome and lead to difficulties in business.

💫 The real secret to letting go of our fears and cultivating a strong sense of confidence and self-worth.

📺 Prefer to watch instead of listen? Check out the video version on YouTube below 👇👇

YouTube video

Cass Dunn is a Clinical & Coaching Psychologist and mindfulness meditation teacher. 

She hosts one of Australia’s highest-rated health and wellbeing podcasts, “Crappy to Happy” and is the author of three books and one audiobook – all aimed at helping people find more meaning and joy in life, work, and relationships.

Cass is passionate about providing people with the tools they need to cultivate self-confidence and overcome the mental and emotional blocks that get in the way of them living their happiest, more meaningful and inspired lives. 

Through her podcast, books and online programs, she encourages you to let go of the old unhelpful patterns that are keeping you stuck and instead find your personal power, know your worth and truly live your best life.

To access Cass’s full 5-step framework, check out her Audible book – The Imposter Solution.

You can also join the waitlist for her online program Beyond Confident here


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