Ep 33: Rituals to power up your business planet

If you want to truly amplify your business success and alignment – it’s time to get in touch with your career, business, and public reputation planet

Once you understand how this works, you can give yourself an extra boost when it comes to your marketing, messaging and overall “I’ve got this” vibe in business. 

But before we go further, I also want to address the idea of using ‘rituals’ in business. 

Some people might be turned off by that term, but ultimately a ritual is just a practice that you can use to anchor in a certain mindset. 

It doesn’t have to feel super ‘woo woo’ or spiritual to work. 

In fact, it can be a deeply helpful practice to get you back on track if you’re having an off day.

In this episode you’ll find out:

🪐 How to work out which planet is the ruler of your career or business zone (NB: I use traditional rulerships for this). 

🪐 Ideas to honor this planet and amplify its power in your business by creating a special practice in your day or week.

This episode includes a few examples to get you thinking, but the way I see it – the more you can honour and get in alignment with your special planet, the more you’re going to feel in flow with your work.

And naturally then – the more aligned opportunities you can create. 💫

🎧 Listen now and let me know what you think @sophiapallas

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Zodiac signs and their traditional rulers:

Aries – ruled by Mars

Taurus – ruled by Venus

Gemini – ruled by Mercury

Cancer – ruled by the Moon

Leo – ruled by the Sun

Virgo – ruled by Mercury

Libra – ruled by Venus

Scorpio – ruled by Mars

Sagittarius – ruled by Jupiter

Capricorn – ruled by Saturn

Aquarius – ruled by Saturn

Pisces – ruled by Jupiter


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