Ep 22: Human design vs astrology for business – what’s the difference?

Have you ever wondered about human design vs astrology?

I’m so excited to share today’s podcast episode with you because it’s a topic that’s been on my mind for some time…

What’s the difference between human design and astrology, and which one is better for you and your business? 

To explore this, I brought in human design expert and empowerment mentor, Kirsten Morrison (who I had an HD reading with recently), so we could compare and contrast. 🙌 

Kirsten’s work is in guiding women to break up with their inherited selves and claim their authentic, inherent selves. 

She is the host of the EXPRESSED podcast, an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner and breathwork facilitator, who alchemises it all through the lens of human design. 

It’s her mission to support women to remember their magnificence. She’s a stand for radical self-belief, self-trust, authenticity, and amplifying your gifts to create the impact your soul came here to create. 

In this episode of Cosmic Business BreakthroughTM you’ll find out:

✨ The key ways human design and astrology are similar AND different, and what aspects of them can be tangibly applied in your business.

✨ How to work better with your natural energy type and ‘strategy’ (instead of against it).

✨ What it means to be a Manifestor / Generator or Manifesting-Generator / Projector / Reflector and how more self-awareness can help you create stronger results in your business. 

🎧 Have a listen to hear our verdict on human design vs astrology. 😉

And we’d love to know what you think – tag me @sophiapallas and @kirstenmorrison.co on Instagram with your ‘AHA’ moments.

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I loved this chat and I highly recommend Kirsten if you’re looking to explore human design or book a reading

You can follow Kirsten on Instagram

Or check out these links below: 

>> Get your human design chart.

>> Get more information on your energy type here.

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